3 Simple Things That Can Set Your Blog Up For Success: Skip One Step And Sink

Here are 3 super simple steps to set your blog up for success. If you already  have a blog and you missed one of these important steps don’t worry! Pause, clean it up, redirect it, and RELAUNCH. If done well a blog can be your biggest asset. Good Luck!


1. Plan, Plan, Plan! I cannot emphasize this enough. Know your audience, know what blogs they read, know what music they like, know their age, the types of business’ they have, and find out what they NEED. It’s easy to get excited and to hop on your computer and set up a blog in a few minutes. Always set up your blog to fit other people do not set something up and then hope you’ll find interested parties. It won’t work.


2. Quality Content. Post content that is easy to understand and follow. Make it clear and concise. Avoid being wordy. Most importantly, do not post just for the sake of posting. If you’re not blown away by your own content, neither is anyone else. Ask your readers what they want to know, write directly for your audience by providing well researched, informative and direct content.


3. Community. Submerse yourself in the community that you’re targeting. Make loads of friends, share other people’s content, link to great blogs, and great sources. Ask people to guest blog for you and in return guest blog for others. There is no such thing as competition in blogging. The more love you show for other people the more love you’ll get in return.

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1 Response

  1. Shannon says:

    These tips were very helpful for me. The one that hit home was the tip about not posting just to post. Post quality, not quantity.

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