Mobile Commerce And Social Media Are Changing Your Lives Like You Wouldn’t Believe

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Technology, companies, social media platforms, accessories are not only “things” or business’, that serve a function in society. Instead, these things are shaping and changing culture, relationships and the way that we live. When you pick up your cell phone and use it to buy a new pair of shoes, you’re part of the mobile culture. If the only way you speak with your siblings is via Facebook, then you’re part of the social media culture and these cultures are changing you according to this article Peak Twitter? I don’t know about you guys but my life is definitely a lot different now than it was in high school. Nobody had a cell phone, nobody used the internet for hardly anything, in fact, most of us didn’t even have it at home. I wrote book reports from books. I only saw pictures of my friends after we pitched in money to have our film developed and the only people that saw them was us before they were shut out in a box somewhere. How has your life changed? Where do you think these cultural shifts will take us?

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