Increase Sales With Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a term that refers to using analytics and stats in a creative way to grow your business quickly, efficiently, and set it up for the long haul. It’s the process used by silicon valley startups and now it’s become the marketing buzzword as Ecommerce business’ of every size are trying to learn it and put it to use. Growth hacking combines traditional marketing and analytical skills with product development skills. Take Dropbox for example: They gained more users by giving everyone an incentive to “share” Dropbox. If you share the service with a certain number of people you get free storage. How great is that? And it totally worked. The business continues to grow rapidly, steadily, and everyone wins. The best part is that this particular growth hack lets customers do the marketing for them. For more information on Growth Hacking check out this article on Shopify. 

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