Great Trending eCommerce Topics to Check Out This Week By Harper Roark

1. “10 Ways to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Customers” – As you successful build

your brand and grow your customer base, an inevitable hard step will become necessary

if you want to continue to grow: you will have to raise your prices. Though this is good

news for you, it can be perceived as bad news for your customers if you don’t handle

the increase carefully. In this useful article, 10 Young Entrepreneur Council members

provide advice on how to raise your prices without losing your customers, including

strategies like being honest and upfront about the increase, explaining why the increased

value in the product warrants a price increase, offering a lower-priced option, and more.

To get the full list and the rest of the details, read the complete article here: http://


2. “Twitter’s Kevin Weil on Real-Time Marketing — and Showing Results” – Is your

business growing and you’re wondering how to capitalize on Twitter’s real-time

marketing opportunities? This informative article provides several concrete examples

of companies successfully using real-time marketing opportunities, including Nokia’s

capitalization of the hyped-up iPhone 5 release by tweeting about their similar line of

brightly-colored Lumia phones. The article also discusses the best ways to analyze

consumer habits and market trends, and provides a link to a brief video of Kevin Weil

giving a further example. You can find more information and the link to the video here:


3. “How Customer-Focused Is Your Website?” – A better question might be: how

narcissistic is your website? This article opens with the astute analogy of conversing

with an annoying dinner party guest who is so self-absorbed he only talks about himself.

You don’t want your website to be the online equivalent of the narcissistic party-goer

– if you want long-term marketing and eCommerce success, you want your website

to be customer-focused. This piece by Marketing Today provides great ways for you

to analyze how customer-focused your website is, solutions to increase your focus on

customers, and helpful before-and-after examples of improved website content. For all

the strategies, read the full article here:


4. “How to be Inspired” – Do you spend time each day reading recent publications in your

field? Do you rely on that reading to be your daily inspiration? According to this article

by Rohit Bhargava, you could be making a big mistake. While staying up-to-date in

your field is certainly important, Bhargava plainly states that he used to rely on an hour

of daily reading for his inspiration (and recommended the same practice to others), but

since starting his own business his methods of staying inspired have changed drastically

and he has had better ideas about bigger topics. His strategies include focusing on

the long-term, finding inspiration in the ordinary things around you, and more. For

a full description of his change of heart and the rest of his sources of inspiration, find

his full article here:

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