2014 Security Trends For Small Business

The past few years have been ridden with hacker news. Business owners and customers alike are getting more security savvy. Merchants are making an effort to protect both their private information and their reputation where customers are learning to be more cautious. Every year the threat seems to change from Phishing scams to Target Stores POS hacks. There are three large security trends surfacing this year in 2014 in the small business world.

Privacy Policy is going to be a main concern for small business owners and customers this year. Privacy issues have been some of the most common news headlines in the past year. The stories of identity theft and security breach after breach is serving as a strong reminder that the internet can be a place of the unknown. There is already a trend of people adopting aliases or fake identities online in order to protect their privacy. For business owners having a strong privacy policy will be a competitive necessity.

The internet isn’t all fun and shopping anymore, it’s quickly becoming the land of vulnerabilities and security breach. With millions of devices connected to the internet and more things being added we can expect to see more hackers coming into the scene. There have already been successful attacks against smart T.V.’s, and even security cameras. Many of the companies that are building these devices that connect to the internet are not even prepared for a security breach. This could be a potentially large problem for small businesses.

Scammers have always plagued social media sites. That random nigerian dude who wants to give you money but just needs your account number, that old “friend” of yours who simply want you to sign up for some great “offer” but really they steal your sensitive information. There are millions of people on social sites which gives scammers million of possibilities to get what they want from you. Businesses are using social media to advertise special offers more frequently, of course scammers are taking advantage of this by pretending to pose as a company with an “offer” that requires you to give away sensitive information. Small businesses should be aware of this and make sure they use caution.

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