Quickly Boost Your Sales: Great Sales Resources to Check out This Week

1.  “6 Sure Ways to Increase Sales” – We all know the old adage that it’s ten times easier to keep an existing customer than to lure a new customer, but did you know that this basic concept applies to boosting your eCommerce sales as well?  It is much easier to lure your existing customer base to buy from you again than it is to convince a potential customer to buy from you.  When you’re looking to increase your online sales, the first place you should promote is to your previous customers.  This great article by Susan Ward will give you six strategies to accomplish that goal, including creating a customer rewards program, providing free samples, and more.  For the full scoop, read the article here: http://sbinfocanada.about.com/od/salesselling/a/increasesales.htm


2. “Increase Sales: 25 Techniques That Work” – If you are just starting a new business or an online component of a business, this is the article for you.  This lengthy and thorough piece, written by Adarsh Thampy, provides 25 detailed ways for you to set up your website, structure your content, create and price your products, market effectively, and everything else you might need to do to get your eCommerce operation up and running.  To get the complete list in all its glorious detail, visit this site:http://conversionchamp.com/sales-techniques-increase-sales/


3.  “How to Increase Online Sales by 600%” – When it comes to product listing, it can be tempting to offer and list a plethora of products or services.  If you offer a lot of options, your options will appeal to a larger customer base, right?  Wrong.  When it comes to online sales, that old saying that “less is more” is especially true.  This article by Derek Halpern begins with an example of a split test in which a display offering 24 types of jam was split tested against a display offering only 6 types of jam.  Perhaps surprisingly, the display with fewer options sold 600% more jam – and these results are typical of online business offering fewer options as well.  Derek offers some great strategies for reducing your listings without actually removing products, including streamlining your products into fewer categories and more, which can be found at:http://socialtriggers.com/get-online-sales/


4. “18 Low Cost Ideas to Increase Online Sales” – Are you in search of ways to boost your eCommerce sales, but you’re a new or struggling business working with a shoestring budget?  Kevin Craighead has put together 18 strategies for you to increase your online sales without having to spend very much money.  His tips include a lot of customer-focused information like focusing on helping instead of selling (inbound versus outbound marketing), listening to your customers, and building trust, as well as targeting tips and ways to generate more referrals.  For all of his useful ideas, read the full list here:http://www.netchimp.co.uk/webdesign/marketing/marketing_18_low_cost_ideas_to_increase_your_sales/


5. “How to Find New Customers and Increase Sales” – I’ve already covered in this article how much easier it is to market to your existing customer base than to entice new potential customers to buy from you.  However, if you’re going to grow your business you are going to have to find new customers too.  Enter Elizabeth Wasserman, who has written this great article with ways for you to find new customers, most of which revolve around analyzing your current customer base to figure out who your customers are and then developing ways to reach and appeal to more of the same sorts of people.  Her article is quite detailed and is worth reading in full.  It can be found here: http://www.inc.com/guides/find-new-customers.html

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