4 Tips To Increase Your Mobile Conversion Rates

4 Tips to Increase Your Mobile Conversion Rates

With mobile traffic up 125% since last year, most businesses are betting heavily on mobile eCommerce even though conversion rates are lagging behind the traffic rates.  Why?  Because if a customer looks at your website and products on their mobile device, they will be more likely to buy from you later on, even if they don’t make the purchase from their mobile device.  But what good is increased traffic without increased sales?

If you’re launching into the wild west of mobile application based eCommerce, it’s important to remember that as mobile traffic increases, mobile sales are likely to increase as well, especially with a little well-placed effort on your part.

With that effort in mind, here are a few tips to not just increase your mobile traffic, but to increase your mobile conversion rates as well.

  1.  Streamline Your Content:  We all know the old saying the “less is more,” but it’s especially true when you’re dealing with mobile browsing.  When a potential customer is scrolling down their screen, they are only going to see one item at a time and you don’t want them scrolling past hundreds of items.  You don’t need to place every single item in front of them, your goal is to reduce your products to a few, more particular categories and then have your best items in each category be those that pop up.  If a customer likes a category, they can delve deeper, and getting to a product listing is as easy as clicking on the picture of the item.
  2.  Make It Easy:  This plays off the above point, but is not the same.  In addition to not overwhelming your customer with too much text or scrolling (especially at the beginning), you need to make sure you have a basically frictionless experience for your viewer, with minimal links and text.  For mobile app users, the first real snag they hit in trying to navigate your application will be the moment they move onto something else.  The simpler and easier your app looks to use, the more likely it is potential customers will actually use your application and convert to a sale.
  3.  Offer Coupons:  As I mentioned above, a lot of the time mobile users are just window shopping and will end up making purchases later on—unless you incentivize them making the purchase now.  The best way you can do that is by offering a discount or coupon to mobile app users only.  If potential customers know the only way they can save 10% or get free shipping is to buy right now they will be a lot more likely to buy now rather than waiting for later, by which time they may have forgotten your product or found something else they like better.
  4.  Create Repeat Visitors – You can lure the same customer to keep coming back for more by offering incentives for their loyalty.  This works the same as any loyalty discount program, except it’s specific to your mobile app users, which will create an incentive for people to open your app regularly.  Another tip – while they’re visiting hit them up for some contact information: research indicates that people are more likely to respond to requests for email addresses or phone numbers from their mobile devices, and having that kind of contact information will make it even easier for you to market to them in the future.

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