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Here’s How “Product Context” Helps you Sell More Stuff Online   By: Derek Halpern

What triggers you to buy something? It is because you’re getting a good deal? Or maybe it’s because you think you can see real value in a product? In reality it all comes down to how the product context is displayed! Little did you know that there are a few well known tricks that trigger people to buy certain items. Do you feel like $5 is always worth %5? Find out how and why it isn’t in Derek Halpern’s, ‘Here’s  How “Product Context” Helps you see more stuff Online’. Fulfill your need to know how you can really demonstrate your products value. Get the tricks at .


5 Tips to Increase Sales  By: Angie Mansfield

Are you considering spending your hard earned cash on a whole new marketing campaign? (Which sounds horribly expensive!) STOP!! There is an easier AND CHEAPER way to increase your sales. Sit down, relax, and make sure you are following these easy to learn steps by Angie Mansfield. In her “5 Tips to Increase Sales” not only does she help you learn how to encourage repeat business, but she also gives you constructive ways on how to really get in touch with your customers. Follow these steps and more at .


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Selling Anything   By: James Altucher

Placing trust in someone is often one of the hardest things to accomplish. How do your customers place trust in you and your business? As a consumer I know I return to buy more product from people/businesses that I feel aren’t trying to drain me of every cent I’m worth. When you place a sense of friendship with your customers, you ignite a flame of trust. If you can learn to build that trust you can create a long-lasting relationship with your clients. After reading James Altucher’s “The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Selling Anything” I’ve learned that real value of connecting with people. Click on the link to learn how James Altucher can help you build lasting customers


How Ecommerce Works   By: Marshall Brain

In your daily travels you have more than likely heard about ecommerce. But really, what is ecommerce? What can it do for your business? Do you want to find out the difference between commerce and ecommerce? Marshall Brain gives you all the details including the positives and negatives of how ecommerce can affect your business in his article “How Ecommerce Works”. Not only does he give you helpful ideas when it comes to building your site, he also gives a few good tips on how to bring in more traffic, which of course means more potential customers! Learn the in’s and out’s of ecommerce here


5 Common Marketing Message Mistakes You Need to Avoid   By: Kristel Cuenta

Do you enjoy reading about huge company’s massive social media mistakes? “5 Common Marketing Message Mistakes You Need to Avoid” by Kristel Cuenta not only shares with you these stories, but also gives great insight on how to make sure this never happens to your business. Check out this fantastic read that can help make sure you aren’t alienating your target audience .


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