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3 pieces of Social Media Marketing Advise for Ecommerce sites   By: Ivan Lim

You’ve decided on using social media as a marketing tool, CONGRATULATIONS!  Do you want to find out how and why getting in touch with people is so important? In this article by Ivan Lim, you will discover 3 exciting ways that social media can really help your business take flight. Take a look and find out how social reviews can majorly benefit you and your company.  Learn how sites like Instagram and Pinterest can become an awesome marketing tool.  Read the full article here .

Guide to Using Social Media for Marketing   By: Larry Kim

Using social media for your personal life is easy and entertaining, but how about for your business? Where to start and what information to use can be downright frustrating! Take it easy and start with Larry Kim’s Guide to Using Social Media for Marketing. This article will give you the full breakdown from what content you need, to which social media sites best fit you. Don’t let the thought of social media overwhelm you! Find all the tips at .

What is Social Media Marketing?   By: Daniel Nations

Feeling out of the loop when it comes to Social Media Marketing? Sure you’ve heard about it, but can it really help your business? The answer is YES! From Facebook to Twitter, these sites have the capability of reaching hundreds of people, all with the click of a mouse. It’s time to be seen! You can start by reading Daniel Nations’ “What is Social Media Marketing”? This article gives you great background information on what social media marketing is, and how it can change the entire way you look at advertising for your business. Who doesn’t want to reach out to hundreds of potential customers? Start now at .

How to Find New Customers and Increase Sales   By: Elizabeth Wasserman

Scoring new customers and driving up sales is one, if not the MAIN objective for any business. Without customers, where would your business be? In this insightful article “How to Find New Customers and Increase Sales” by Elizabeth Wasserman, she explains exactly how to do it! Learn how understanding your target audience can help maximize your sales and bring in that desired clientele. Dig in and discover how you can generate even more sales through existing without extensive research. Get moving now at .

Customer Satisfaction: How to Increase Customer Satisfaction in 3 Steps   By: Derek Halpern

When you think of customer satisfaction, what comes to mind? The first thing that might come to my mind is “The customer bought it, so they must be satisfied, right?” After reading an article by Derek Halpern, you realize that there is a lot more to it. “How to Increase Customer Satisfaction in 3 Steps” changed the way I will look at all potential and returning clients. Learn Derek’s 3 east steps here .


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