4 Simple Steps to Increase Sales By

As a business, the goal is to continuously improve sales. So, instead of running out and starting a whole new advertising campaign, take a look at a few simple, yet effective, steps to improve your business.

1.   Know Your Customer

Do you know who your target customers are? Pinpointing your target customer is a huge benefit when trying to sell a product. Age is big factor in advertising. Grabbing the attention of a younger adult requires you to know what catches their eye. This of course is completely different that getting that second glance from and older customer. The social status of your target customer can also make a difference. You will want to use language that feels inviting for your chosen customer.  You wouldn’t advertise the same for a single adult as you would for a more family-oriented one. Think of it like this: You wouldn’t try to market a Nicki Minaj album to a tenured, sixty year-old college professor, with a newsletter featuring a woman twerking on top of a sports car with the words, “Nicki be rockin!” Although that might be perfect for a twenty-five year old.



2.   Make it Personal For the Customer

As a consumer, I want to feel like my shopping experience is personal. No one wants to feel like the 587th person trying to buy your product. People want to feel unique. Place a little piece of you in your business. Make the customer feel like their needs are important. Try to be genuine and get to know exactly what they are looking for, this way they won’t have to worry if there are problems or if they ever need to return an item. If you have a website, make it easy for potential customers to ask questions and receive a response sometime during that decade. You don’t want to lose a sale because the ice ages came around before you could answer an email.


3.   Share Customer Reviews

Don’t be shady. Have a spot on your site where you can share some positive reviews. When a customer knows that your product or your service has truly helped them, it builds trust in your business. From recognition of excellent customer service, to how great your product works, people tend to feel better about a purchase when they hear positive things through the grape-vine from people just like them!


4.   Honesty

As always “honesty is the best policy”. Let people know exactly what they are getting into. If you make your customer feel like you’re some sketchy business person, they’re probably going to tell EVERYONE that you’re sketchy. This can place a bad taste in people’s mouths even if they have never experienced it for themselves. If you are honest with your customers they are still likely to give your business a great review. Even if they choose not to purchase anything, positive reviews = MORE SALES!


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1 Response

  1. Tiffany Hunt says:

    Awesome tips on how to increase your sales. Pinpoints important information that should be known to all business owners. Knowing your customer base is great, this will allow you to market to the right crowd, whether they are a younger age group or an older. Give you customers the option to read reviews, I always read up on reviews from other customers before make a purchase on a site. Helps you to know what kind of company you are working with. Honesty – The #1 allow your customer to know what you are all about and follow through with what you are telling them.

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