Avoid Black Friday Catastrophe with Tips From These Resources

Black Friday, the biggest shopping event of the year, is just weeks away. Holiday sales have traditionally accounted for up to 40 percent of a store’s annual sales, according to a recent article from ABC News. This means big business for stores, but also a potential landmine of holiday mishaps for unprepared companies. Here are some resources and tips for how you can thwart a Black Friday nightmare.

Black Friday: How To Avoid Ecommerce Disaster

What are some potential Black Friday pitfalls and how can your ecommerce site can avoid them? This article from Information Week, a community website dedicated to business technology professionals, advises you do a sort of website “dress rehearsal” prior to Black Friday to test your production system. Among their other tips are creating a backup system in case things go wrong, and ensuring that third-party integration like chat systems, don’t cause page loading problems.

You should also try to not only estimate the number of consumers who might visit your site to snatch those Black Friday deals, but should “push your system to the limit,” to ensure it can handle the traffic.

Big-retailer strategies to recover from Black Friday mishap

Although your company hopefully hasn’t encountered the security breaches and confusing ecommerce site that crippled Target’s sales last Thanksgiving, you could glean a tip or two for the discount giant’s strategies to turn around sales this holiday season.

Stay in the black during Black Friday

Think mobile, plan seasonally, test and test again and tackle online fraud, advise the ecommerce experts at MediaPost.

According to the article, smart ecommerce sites track how consumers are reaching their site – and target the more than 20 percent who use mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, for their holiday shopping.

Your site can grab shoppers who made in-store purchases during Black Friday rather than online by giving consumers a second chance to purchase items on Cyber Monday, the article says.

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Five ways to increase Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

These tips from Practical Ecommerce can help boost Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The article details how your company can leverage email subscriptions, promotional flyers, dedicated holiday landing pages and shopping-related content to entice consumers to reach into their wallets to nab your holiday offerings.

12 holiday ecommerce tips from Amazon

Broadening its scope beyond Black Friday, these holiday-specific tips from Amazon play on theme of the 12 days of Christmas. The tips from the ecommerce-heavyweight offers companies a plethora of useful advice in bite-size form.

Tips range from finding new sources of holiday traffic to building holiday promotions to successfully filling orders during the holiday rush.

7 Ways To Increase Traffic For Cyber Monday Illustrated With Cute Animals

How to shop safely online this holiday season

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