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So, you have a great website, great products, and some great discounts for Cyber Monday! Awesome. But, if no one visits your wonderful website, no one will know just how fabulous your discounts are. So how do you get traffic on your page? The most successful websites have mastered the art of keeping a constant flow of traffic. Here are some quick and simple suggestions that will have people visiting your website in no time.


Cyber Monday

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photos are an important part of getting traffic to your website. This not only means the photographs ON your website but also the photos that get people TO your website. Making sure to have high quality pictures on your website and in social media posts everywhere from Instagram to Facebook, will ensure that traffic will increase to your website. Also, people love Gifs and video so it won’t hurt to work those into blog posts or your website itself.


It is essential to interact with your visitors. Comments on blog posts (on your site and others) will keep you connected with the community that is engaged with your website content. When you respond to someone’s comment you are creating a bond that reassures him or her you are listening.


The first thing a visitor to your website sees are your headlines. Make sure you come up with straightforward, concise, engaging headlines. If your headlines are boring or unrelated to the content people will not visit your website.


Some people want to read 1000 words and other people want to read 100. If you vary the length of the information you are presenting to your visitors you are more likely to satisfy a wider array of people. You can also experiment with putting lengthy content or explanations into a blog on your website and keeping your website clean with links to your blog throughout.


Making sure your website is being shared all around the World Wide Web is one of the easiest ways to increase traffic to your website. Social media is cheap and effective advertising. Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Pinterest (just to name a few). Get your name out there and share the love!


It is critical that the information you are providing your customers is informative, concise, and engaging (much like headlines). A headline will draw the reader in; the quality of the information will keep them reading. Make your website useful, fun, and don’t forget about the beloved newsletter. A newsletter is a great way to retain customers and keep them coming back for more.

Spread anticipation

It’s never too early to start spreading some Cyber Monday anticipation. On social media, in your blog, in video, on podcasts, talk about what amazing deals you’ll be revealing for the big day! Do so using all of the steps above, go big with graphics, video, use great headlines, and share it everywhere.

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Get your name on the tip of people’s tongues by implementing these successful and easy tips on increasing traffic to your website in time for Cyber Monday.

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