COPPA: Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), is a US federal law that you’ve probably heard of if you have an ecommerce business. Now, it’s important you know a bit about such laws and third-party initiatives so you understand them and can market the fact that your business not only complies with them, but is also knowledgeable in such areas. So, I’m going to do you a favor and give you a quick low-down, without boring you to death (hopefully).

In it’s simplest form, COPPA pertains to the collection of personal information for websites or online services directed at children (under 13 years old). Recent revisions have been applied to the law (originally issued in 2000) because of the vast growth in technology and involvement of third parties (such as social media). The game changed when smartphones, apps and social media entered the picture, the rules needed to change too.

The COPPA requires things such as when and how you seek verifiable parental/guardian consent and other things you need to include in a privacy policy as well as the responsibilities you have to protect children’s privacy and safety online. You may think that COPPA doesn’t apply to you because my guess is your clientele is older than 13, unless you’re in the business of an online candy shop; but thanks to the involvement of third parties collecting information through social media plug-ins and advertising networks, it’s not always so simple.

Of course, things can get a lot stickier when it comes to COPPA. Especially when the liability is on your shoulders to comply and carry it out on your website and transactions. But when using one of my privacy policy generators ( & there’s no need to get your hands sticky or have to worry about whether you did it right. After answering a few simple questions concerning how others use your website and how you use any information given to you, my policy generator will make sure your privacy policy is COPPA compliant and ready to rock! This COPPA Cabana is one party you don’t want to attend.

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