Privacy Policy. You Need One. Here’s Why.

Ok, so you know that trust is imperative to your business’ success, that’s nothing new. In the age of smart phones and computer screens, it’s most likely that a prospective customer’s first experience with you will be through your website. Heck, most, if not all, of your business might be done through a screen. You have a few seconds to get their attention and keep them there. You’re going to have to make a good impression faster than Brad Pitt could while speed dating. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the bone structure to necessarily pull that off, talk about pressure!

And while they’re pondering whether they would like to go on a second date with you, more or less take your relationship to the next step and cough up some cash, one of the first questions they’re going to ask is, “is it safe?” and “can I trust them?” I can tell you flat out, that a bulletproof privacy policy is one of the best ways to tell them “YES!” But perhaps I still have some convincing to do.

Information privacy is on the forefront of both business and politics. “Privacy Policy” is no longer just a little link at the bottom of your page that no one looks at. Buyers are highly aware of the importance of doing business with a company who respects, addresses and protects their privacy. And thanks to the media, they are also informed as to what can happen when those things aren’t intact. Now, I’m not saying you’re trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes or take advantage of your customers if you haven’t put much thought towards perfecting a privacy policy (yet), or haven’t revisited that privacy policy you threw up three years ago; my hope is that by letting you know how important creating a (great) privacy policy is, you’ll jump on the fact that it can also increase your sales tremendously!

There’s a lot more to a privacy policy than simply stating that you’ll keep information secure. Things can get a bit confusing and dicey when it comes to deciphering all the laws, regulations, and acts you have to comply to. The FTC doesn’t mess around and neither should you.

Do your research and find an air‐tight privacy policy! Your business will thank you.

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1 Response

  1. Tiffany says:

    Privacy Policies are a must! You have definitely hit all the key points on why one is needed. More and more each day customers are looking into everything before making a purchase, reviewing and updating your policy is a great way to address customers concerns!

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