5 Star Success

You’ve made a reservation with an online website to stay in an apartment in London. Not only will you save money, but you will also get to experience London with a slightly less touristy feel. You take the Tube from the airport to Camden. You did your research and you know this is a quaint little London town. As soon as you exit the Tube, you quickly realize that you are not in the safest neighborhood. You immediately step in a pile of dog poo while passing a belligerent young man belting obscenities to a woman at a window on the third floor. When you knock on the door of the apartment that will serve as your home for the next couple weeks, you’re met with the foul stench of old fish. The owner of the apartment seems nice enough. Too bad the furniture is dirty, the bed is just a mattress on the floor, and the toilet seat is hanging off to the side of the toilet. If only you had known that this place was going to be so unpleasant you could have avoided this catastrophe. But, how could you know for sure what you were in for?

There are several websites that provide services to find accommodations when traveling. A new and extremely popular way of really seeing the most of a culture whether you’re in Miami or Amsterdam is to rent someone’s personal home. But, staying in a random place that you know nothing about could leave you in a pickle or in a scene from a scary movie like Hostel! Therefore, the best way for a customer to confirm the validity of a website, service, or product is to look and see what other customers have to say. Social proof often gives consumers the feedback they really value. By reading customer reviews you could have learned there was an adorable flat across from the British Museum that is a cute mixture of contemporary and antiques, not to mention the pillow top mattress and thousand count sheets. Other customers can help you make a better decision.

It is so important to have customer reviews on your website. As an avid traveler that often uses websites to rent personal homes, I do not even look at possible residencies that do not have reviews. The homes I feel most comfortable staying in, knowing that I am guaranteed satisfaction, are the homes that have several reviews. The aforementioned Camden flat was surely advertised as a cute London getaway. Other customers could have told you the truth. You in turn could have used this information to avoid a terrible vacation.


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