Don’t Let a Bad Reputation Ruin Your Business

Have you ever Googled a guy before going on a date? I have. You meet a nice guy in the coffee shop. You exchange niceties over a latte. He asks for your number. Then, he calls to ask if you would like to go to dinner. So you Google sweet John Doe and find out that he was arrested for burglary. Based on this information you decide you really like your new purse and you should avoid a potentially awful first date. But, what if the information you collected on John Doe was incorrect? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone who could confirm your findings?

Had the website where I found John Doe’s information had a customer service platform, I could have emailed and verified my information. Customer service could have explained that John Doe was erroneously charged with burglary while rescuing an emaciated puppy from the back yard of a negligent pet owner. Providing your customers with quick and accessible customer service is key to maintaining your good reputation. Furthermore, the social proof that your customers leave applauding your fabulous customer service means that more customers will come back and bring their friends.

Great customer service entails prompt responses to customers’ questions, being reliable, listening to your customers, and going the extra mile. Avoid the possibly of sullying the name of your business by making sure you are prepared to handle your customers concerns and quickly take care of their customer service needs. No one wants to miss out on a knight in shining armor just because the Internet said he was a cad.

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