Make More Money And Secure Your Website With This Cyber Monday Special

If you want to increase your conversion rates you’ve got to establish trust with potential customers as quickly as possible. Eight in ten online shoppers said they won’t shop at a site they don’t trust. Trust Seals are the easiest, most effective way to make more sales right now. Trust seals have been proven to increase conversion rates by an average of 15% and result in vastly reduced bounce rates. With hacking crimes consistently grabbing headlines, potential customers are scared to shop on your site. There are more than 69,000 vulnerabilities that can be potentially used by hackers. In fact, an incredible 86 percent of websites fail their first scan, meaning most sites are prime hacking targets. The bottom line is, a security breach can destroy your reputation, result in millions of fines, and everything you’ve worked for can be wiped clean.

Unfortunately, things only get worse around the holidays. While your family is chugging back the ‘nog, singing carols, and Christmas shopping, hackers are sending out their Grinch Bots in search of vulnerabilities. Once they find a hole in your system, they’ll exploit it. Then, you’ll spend the rest of your holidays explaining to your customers that you were hacked and their credit cards were stolen. It’s likely that the FTC will slam you, the PCI Council fines you, your merchant bank is upset, and your family isn’t happy with the new Scrooge scowl you’re donning in all the Christmas pics. Not a pretty picture, right? Well, it’s easy to get hacked. It’s even easier to protect your website.

PCI Compliance scanning (vulnerability scanning) makes it easy and painless to get secure and increase trust so you can get back to doing what you love: making money. Make more sales while you stay secure. What exactly are you waiting for? You’re worried about the cost? Well, if that’s what you’re worried about Trust Guard is offering a 50% off all services sale that starts NOW and ends at midnight. Enter Code: Cyber2014

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2 Responses

  1. Tiffany says:

    Trust Seals are a great way to know that the site you may be shopping on is be scanned for vulnerabilities and is secure. It is scary to know how many vulnerabilities are really out there.

    • epicecomtools says:

      A security breach can be life ruining! Definitely get on top of that if you already haven’t. Thanks for contributing Tiffany.

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