The One Thing You Need To Know About Trust Seals

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “Do trust seals actually work?” Will a trust seal increase your conversion rates? Yes, yes they will.

There are numerous A/B split tests that prove that having a seal increases sales. It’s one of those things that has been measured, and measured, to death a million times over. If seals didn’t work, large companies like Yankee Candle wouldn’t use them.

The reason trust seals work is simple: People don’t trust you or your site. They don’t know your site from Adam and as far as they know you could be some sleazy thief in the basement of your mother’s house stealing credit cards or taking people’s money without any intention of sending them the product they purchased. Bad things happen online. They’re happening more frequently now that billions of dollars are spent online every year. Consumers know that there are plenty of bad guys among the millions of legit businesses. So, they’re much more likely to buy from you if a trusted company has looked you over and given you a seal of approval. Makes sense, right?

I personally always look for third-party verification when shopping online but I’m biased. I know that I’m biased. I work in eCommerce specifically for a company that specializes in security, sales, and trust. It would be ridiculous if I didn’t practice what I preach, right? But the more I read and the more I learn the more I check because I really like my identity and my money and I prefer that nobody steals either.

How about a little anecdotal evidence? Last night I was attempting to make Pho (way harder than you’d think) talking with one of my best friends on the phone and she was telling me a story about how her husband bought something online for her for Christmas. Her first question was, “wait, you bought something online at some random website you don’t know? Did the website have a little seal thingy on it somewhere!? Is our card info going to get stolen right before Christmas!?” As she was telling me the story I realized that it had to be in a blog post because that’s exactly what business owners need to hear. That “little seal thingy,” matters. People are looking for it.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Be sure to take the time to check the website you are about to purchase from for Trust Seals. They help in so many ways! They will help to increase your sales ( this has been proven with A/B testing ). Also to give customers a sense of security with entering their credit card information. They are just to many people out there that would love to rip you off!

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