Google Cloud, Cyber Monday sales & more: ecommerce news this week

We’ve rounded up all the news you need to know this week about everything ecommerce.

Why Consumers Love eCommerce (Not Why You Think)

You’d think why people love online shopping is that it’s easy, there’s no battling surly teenagers at malls, you can buy all those Real Housewives DVDS without the judgmental looks from the cashier…? That might be part of it, but according to a new report the reason most people like online shopping is – wait for it – actually that’s the answer: waiting for it! Customers apparently feel more gratified waiting for a package to arrive at their doorstep than actually leaving a store with a product. Go figure.


Black Friday 2014: Ecommerce desktop and mobile pages were s-l-o-o-o-w.

Best Buy’s website crashed on Black Friday, while the top 50 ecommerce sites – such as Amazon, Sears, Macy’s, Walmart – were seriously slower than last year. How did your site fare?


Ecommerce spending on Thanksgiving tops $1B for the first time, passes $1.5B on Black Friday

People were whipping out their wallets like nobody’s business last month. Thanksgiving ecommerce sales were up by 32 percent from last year and Black Friday was even better – up by more than a quarter from 2013. Sales for all of November this year were up 15 percent.


Cyber Monday 2014 sets record in sales

If you thought that Black Friday ecommerce sales were huge, check out this year’s Cyber Monday sales. The biggest online shopping day of the year raked in a cool $2 billion – up 17 percent from last year. Experts predict ecommerce sales are going to continue to grow in the years to come. Kinda makes you glad to be in ecommerce, doesn’t it?


Google Cloud goes PCI compliant, opening it up for payment apps

Google Cloud has become the latest cloud server to become PCI-compliant. The change means that companies can use the platform to process and store credit card information. (Don’t know what PCI compliance is or why it’s a big, big deal if you take payments? Check out this post.)

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