Is Your Copywriting Costing You Money?

You might think that you’re saving money by writing your own copy but chances are you’re actually losing money. If you don’t have a college degree or equal experience in advertising, writing, journalism, it probably takes you a lot longer than a professional to produce great content. In addition, a professional will do a better job. Despite what many business owners believe, everybody cannot produce effective content. Bad writing can destroy your credibility. Everything that touches your business should be professional and that includes: Blog, website content, emails, and social media posts. Would you take a business seriously if their FB posts looked like this: Were Having A Special so BYE IT YA’ALL! No? You’d be surprised by how many business pages look like that.

It’s not only about good writing though. A professional copywriter knows how to sell. The job of a copywriter is to understand people, trends in advertising, and how to appeal to the clients’ emotions. You know those ridiculous or random one-liners that you just cannot get out of your head like, “Maybe She’s Made With It, Maybe It’s Maybelline?” that is brilliant copywriting. That line has stuck for decades and yet nobody can understand why it’s even appealing, right? Copywriting is all about understanding emotions and how to get an emotional response linked to a specific product. A copywriter is not to be confused with a content writer. While both writers are important for a successful campaign, and some writers can do both, they do not provide the same function. A copywriter writes to sell whereas a content writer writes to inform and educate. Although, eCommerce marketing has set a trend in the past decade of these two writing fields blending together and often overlapping.

A good copywriter understands SEO, your demographic, and what potential customers want or need. They can provide fresh, new material, specific to your audience. They can optimize the content for both an audience and for the internet. They know how to write headlines that go viral, that get attention, they produce content that gets shared. Can’t afford a full-time writer? That’s okay! Find a freelancer who can do projects for you here or there, or find someone on Odesk or Freelancer.

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