9 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

A landing page is a place where you send traffic and then you ask the visitors to take some kind of action. It can be a sales page, or an email opt-in page, for example. You can use content, video, or a Fiverr infographic of a man in a bunny costume. Yes, for some reason that’s actually a thing. The landing page has to rank well with search engines otherwise nobody will find it. Here are the 9 most common mistakes we see with landing pages.

1. Way Too Much Happening On Your Landing Page. 

Your landing page needs to have one focus and one focus only: Getting people to take ONE ACTION. The more you have going on, the more confused your visitors will be. Use a simple, clean design that allows visitors to focus on one thing and one thing only.

This is a great example of a landing page that is simple, informative, with all of the elements are pulling the story and action together.














2. Your Headline Sucks

Your headline is the single most important factor in getting people to your landing page. Your headlines has to grab attention, intrigue, and get the wheels turning. Not even seasoned pros will run a campaign based on faith alone. Test your headlines , and test, and test some more until you’ve got the most impactful epic headline ever.

Buzzfeed has amazing headlines that grab attention and go viral time and time again.

3. Your Landing Page Elements Don’t Make Logical Sense

Again, your landing page should do one things and one thing only! Anything that detracts from your narrative, that stops people from moving from point A to point B is bad landing page design. Even pictures, which are great for blog posts can be very distracting on a landing page. Everything on your landing page should guide visitors easily and quickly towards a goal.

4. You’re Using Lingo That Nobody Else Uses

This is especially important for headlines but it’s really important that you’re using lingo that everyone else is using. It sounds obvious but it happens a lot. A quick Google search will tell you what people are looking for. For example, “Increasing Website Buyers,” versus, “Increasing Sales Conversion.” Nobody uses “Increasing Website Buyers,” it’s not a thing so [Most] people will not be searching for that.

5. You’re Too “Excited”

Being excited is great but gushing fake excitement all over your landing page won’t help you connect with your audience. Adding exclamation points to everything will not make visitors excited about your product. It’s generally just a huge turnoff.

6. Be Clear About What Visitors Are Getting 

Clearly explain why your offer is so great. What is in it for your visitors? Quickly identify their pain and give them an easy solution for it.

7. Your Images Are Distracting 

People love pictures. They can add engagement value to your landing page or they can detract from your narrative. If you’re going to use an image, use image text to highlight an important part of your offer such as the value or what’s in it for your visitors.

8.  Your Buttons Are Boring

Every element on your landing page needs to point to one action and that includes the “submit,” button. Split test different button text to make sure your button is as engaging as possible. Take the opportunity to use your button text to remind people why your offer is so awesome. “Yes! I Want To Learn To Cook!” versus, “Submit,” or “Yes.”

9. Your Landing Page Isn’t Informative 

While you want your landing page to be clean and free of clutter you want it to be informative. Short, concise sentences that are as informative as possible without being wordy should be your goal. And, of course, test your content! Try different variations to figure out what people want!

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  1. Elisha says:

    I really liked the first mistake you mentioned Way Too Much Happening On Your Landing Page. Anytime i visit a website and it is to busy and it’s hard to see what the company provides or does I sometimes end up leaving the website as it causes to much confusion for me and takes to much time to find the information or product I am looking for.

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