Can You Trust a Trust Seal? 3 Ways to Know You’re Getting Your Money’s Worth

If you’re a business owner trying to find ways to increase conversions or security or both on your site, you may have found there’s a lot of buzz about how trust seals can help your site. It’s pretty much a given that to have at least a shot at winning the ecommerce game, your site needs a trust seal. According to a  recent Forbes article,

 “The general consensus has been that trust seals are indeed important for e-commerce sites.”

But with so many options out there for trust seals, also called site seals, trust logos and trust badges, among other names, where do you begin? Will a trust seal even do what it says it will? In short, can you trust a trust seal?

Based on studies showing that consumers expect to see a trust seal on a site, we think the trust seal that’s right for you can be a worthwhile investment. But choosing a trust seal that’s both right for you and from a company that can back up its claims takes a little research.

Here are three things to think about before you buy a trust seal:

What does this company say a Trust Seal will actually do? 

Does the trust seal come with security scanning or is it just a matter of a name-brand recognition logo to slap on your site? Basically, are you paying for the brand or will your purchase actually go toward making your site safer? Some trust seals simply verify that your business is legit but do nothing to protect your site from malware or vulnerabilities. Make sure that what you think you’re paying for is what you’re actually getting.

What should a Trust Seal communicate to your customers?

Studies have shown that

75% of consumers want to see a trust seal on the site they’re shopping on

(according to independent research firm TNS.)

And most shoppers – 61% – have said they’ve left a site without buying because it didn’t have a trust seal, according to a survey by Actual Insights.

So we already know that shoppers want to see a trust seal to feel safe and secure when they’re shopping online. Some seals simply verify that you are who you say you are and that your business Isn’t a fake. Other companies will check that your site doesn’t have any malware, but will stop short at actually scanning your site for vulnerabilities, which is the most secure option.

Does a Trust Seal equal a secure site?

Some trust seals are more about perceived security than actual technical website, data and payment security. Savvy shoppers who care about security might bounce from your site if they deduce your trust seal is little more than a logo for appearances.


Whatever trust seal you choose, just make sure that the seal is doing what it explicitly or implicitly is communicating to your customers. That way, you know you’re getting your money’s worth and when it comes to trust, you’ll be winning.

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Karen Schmidt

Journalist turned blogger about all things ecommerce, shopping, retail and cyber security.

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