7 Ways to Find Guest Bloggers

Have a blog but find creating new content is depleting your resources or eating your time? Or maybe you’d just like to see new, fresh voices on your blog.  If you’re weary of cranking out new posts on your own, maybe you should look into finding guest bloggers. We share here seven ways to get a guest blogger for your site.


Grow Your Readership 

Grow your readership

Grow your readership

To entice guest bloggers, you need to show you have readers who will be eager to read their work. Guest bloggers want a chance to reach as many people as possible, so work to build your audience. Basically, the bigger the blogger – that is, the most well-known – the bigger the audience they’ll require. If you’re just starting out with your blog, then you’re most likely to connect with bloggers who want to guest post because they themselves are also starting out. And hey, if they’re good, it’s still a win/win situation. You gotta start somewhere.


Offer Incentives

Understandably, guest bloggers will want to know what’s in it for them. Offer to allow them to include a link to their own blog or website in their guest post – usually the bio at the bottom of the post is a good place to include links.


“Advertise” for Guest Bloggers

Place a tab at the top of your blog saying “Write For Us” and put out feelers on social media to let people know you’re looking for guest posts.


Offer to Write a Guest Post

If your blog is new, offer to write guest posts for more established blogs to see if they’ll return the favor.


Host a Writing Competition

If you’ve got a more established blog with a solid readership, you could start a writing competition to see who gets to write a guest post for your site. Don’t forget to mention the incentives, like reaching a larger audience and being able to link to their own sites.


Update, Update, Update

No one wants to write a guest post for a blog that hasn’t had any new posts in months. Keep posting regularly to attract the best talent.


Make Friendscloud-709093_1280

Blogging is often about relationships. To reach the best potential guest bloggers, start building relationships with other bloggers. Reach out to them on social media, comment on blog posts. Let them know you like their work. Basically let them know you exist and what you do, but don’t be obnoxious about pushing your own posts at first. Let a relationship evolve. Sites like bloggerlinkup and myblogguest connect bloggers and are also great ways to find new voices.


Have any other ways to reach guest bloggers that we didn’t list? Let us know in the comments below.

Karen Schmidt

Journalist turned blogger about all things ecommerce, shopping, retail and cyber security.

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