How Live Chat Support Wins Customers: Winning with Rhino Support

If your website visitors have a question or concern while browsing your site, have you made it easy for them to get in touch with you? More and more companies are offering online live chat customer support so website visitors won’t click away frustrated without buying.

One of the top products out there, in our opinion, for communicating online in real-time with customers is Rhino Support’s live chat system. Here’s the lowdown on some of the features we love the best.

A Help Desk Designed To Save You Time

The Rhino Support helpdesk software was designed to make the process of providing world-class support, drop-dead easy. It’s fast, efficient and really easy to use.


One-Click Ticket Management

Managing tickets with Rhino Support is fast, efficient and easy to use (for both you and your team). From the main control panel you’ll be able to:

  • View the ticket message by hovering over the subject.
  • Quickly assign tickets to a user or department.
  • View tickets by creation date or last activity.
  • Mark as important, delete and so much more.

Set Up in Just a Few Minutes

There is no complicated “install” and you don’t need a special server to use Rhino Support. It’s a web-based solution that can be quickly integrated into your existing business a variety of ways.The setup wizard will walk you through the essentials so that you can get started right away. Then if you want to incorporate some other “bells and whistles,” you can.

 Rhino Support makes it easy for…

  • Your customers to request help
    – Through Email or or Support Tickets
  • Your customers to get live help
    – With Instant Live Chat
  • Your customers to help themselves
    – By accessing your FAQ’s in your Knowledge Base

Key Features

  • Speed: A system that enables you to respond to your customers quickly.
  • Efficiency: A system that isn’t bloated with unnecessary features. Every click counts!
  • Ease of Use: A system that feels natural, intuitive and easy to use.

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