Case Study: How One Retailer Increased Reviews and Traffic with Shopper Approved (Infographic)



Case Study: How One Retailer Increased Reviews and Traffic with Shopper Approved

Roberts Camera, a photographic specialty reseller, came to Shopper Approved to enhance their SEO efforts to increase traffic and because they needed a better, less expensive and more effective way to capture online reviews to further establish themselves in the online marketplace. “Our goal was to improve our online reputation and give customers that have not shopped with us before a reason to try us out.  We also wanted to know first-hand what a customer’s experience with our website was like. And we of course wanted to increase our online revenue.”

Since 1957, Roberts has been the Midwest’s premiere location for photographic, video and imaging equipment. They pride themselves on great customer service and extensive knowledge of photography products as well as the industry. In 2012, they formed a sister company, UsedPhotoPro to focus on purchasing and reselling used camera equipment.  Roberts/UsedPhotoPro has two brick and mortar locations in the Indianapolis area and a growing online presence.


Roberts focuses the majority of their marketing efforts on males 35+ that have a HHI over $75k and an interest in photography. Most of the men in their demographic have families, and enjoy sports and travel. They focus a portion of their marketing on the professional photographer that works freelance, for sports/news publications, studio, wedding, etc. Their final demographic focus is females 35+ with young children and HHI over $75k.


When Roberts first signed up for Shopper Approved one of their goals was to increase their site traffic and improve their search engine optimization efforts. In July, before using Shopper Approved, Roberts Cameras clocked in at 22,915 unique visitors. After one month with Shopper Approved site traffic increased by 463 to a total of 23,378, and after two months the numbers spiked quite significantly by 2,067 for a total of 25,445 unique visitors.

Monthly Users

Beginning of July before using Shopper Approved 22,915 n/a
Roberts: July 15 – Aug 15 23,378 up by 463 from previous month.
Roberts: Aug 16 – Sept 15 25,445 up 2,067 from previous month.

Beginning of July before using Shopper Approved = 22,915

Roberts: July 15 – Aug 15 = 23,378

Roberts: Aug 16 – Sept 15 = 25,445


Since signing up for Shopper Approved in July, Roberts has gained 460 customer reviews from real customers who have made purchases. That is over 5 customer reviews every single day for the past three months that Roberts Cameras has been using Shopper Approved. Roberts received only 250 reviews from the previous service they used in a 3-4 year period.

Roberts was previously using another company and paying $300/month. They are currently paying $225/month for Shopper Approved and receiving 5 times the reviews. The price also includes a product review platform, which their previous product did not.

“The value of Shopper Approved is above and beyond what we had before.”

“Shopper Approved helped to put a platform in place that allowed us to capture more reviews from people that had actually shopped with us, as well as display them prominently on our site.  They gave us a means to learn about customer’s experiences on our website and to address any issues or concerns right off the bat by giving us the ability to communicate with them.  They also put a product review system in place for us – which we are hoping will help our overall position from an SEO perspective. They did all of this for significantly less than we were paying with our previous online review company.”


I would absolutely recommend Shopper Approved.  The product is very superior to others out there.  The ease of installation and use from a backend perspective is great.  We also like the customization and integration options for our website. Shopper Approved has allowed us to monitor our customers’ experience with us and reach out immediately if we sense an issue.  It also gives us the opportunity to resolve issues before they make it out to the wide world of the internet!  Shopper Approved was also at a significantly lower price point than many competitors that we talked to.”

Karen Schmidt

Journalist turned blogger about all things ecommerce, shopping, retail and cyber security.

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