Cyber Security Predictions for 2016

From headline-making news like the data breaches at Sony and Ashley Madison this year, to the OPM and persistent threats of cyber terrorism from countries like China and South Korea come predictions for what’s in store for cyber security in 2016. Experts largely agree that mobile devices face bigger risks, the stakes for political hacking attacks are high and data breaches are going to get much worse and even more prevalent.

We’ve gathered below some early predictions from website security experts for what’s in store for next year. Among the predictions are:

1. Attacks on mobile devices are going to increase.

2. Ransomware is on the rise.

3. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes every day life vulnerable to hacking.

4. Cyber attacks will be more sophisticated and harder to detect and trace.

With cyber crime on the rise, every business is vulnerable to attack. Keep your ecommerce site protected with website security from Trust Guard.


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Cyber Security Predictions for 2016


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Cyber Security Predictions for 2016


ZDNet: Security in 2016: The death of advanced persistent threats

Cyber Security Predictions for 2016


Remember, despite the saying, forewarned does not mean forearmed. Arm yourself with website security designed to keep ecommerce sites just like yours safe from hackers. Learn more at


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  1. PDF security says:

    With every thing going cloud, Internet of things(IoT) will be vulnerable to cyber hacking. Companies providing Encryption and cryptography solutions should try to improve their algorithms.

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