Stellar Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce

Valentine’s Day netted more than $19 billion in sales last year, with a significant portion of that figure coming from ecommerce.  On average American men spend about $130 on gifts for their Valentine; woman around $56. Sales are predicted to reach $20 billion for 2016.

While not as big as the attention-grabbing Christmas/Black Friday holidays, it’s still big enough to rank 4th in holiday sales.

Even if your ecommerce biz doesn’t cater to the traditional chocolates-and-flowers market, there are still creative ways to tap into the Valentine’s market. Below are five tips for how to make the most out of Valentine’s Day.

5 Creative Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips for Ecommerce

1. Know the Search Terms

It’s important to know what consumers are searching for online when looking for the perfect gift for their sweetie. For example, according to Internet Retailer (article linked below), “40% of Valentine’s searches in 2015 used gift as a keyword. Flowers showed up in 16% of searches and jewelry in 15%.”

2. Create a Special Landing Page or Microsite

A landing page or microsite designed specifically for the holiday will draw in organic traffic and help you link your campaign across channels, according to an article from Huffington Post. (see link below.)

3. Provoke Their Curiosity with the Email Subject Line

A compelling subject line in your emails is both an art and a science and prompts them to open the email – the first step to making that sale.

4. Mobile-friendly is Key

Whether it’s your email marketing campaign, your website, or a special holiday microsite, if you’re not optimized for mobile you’re missing out on sales.

Read on below for more expert tips on how to reach your customers and maximize your profits this Valentine’s Day.

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Stellar Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce


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Stellar Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce


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Stellar Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce


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Stellar Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce


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