How to Improve Your Ecommerce Website In Five Easy Steps

If potential customers land on your site and don’t like what they see, are confused or don’t have their attention immediately grabbed, they’ll click off your site in about 15 seconds. Seriously, they’ll leave your site more quickly than you can read this paragraph.

So how to make a good first impression that will keep them long enough to check out what you’re offering?

Here are five quick and easy steps to improve your ecommerce website:


1. Everything on your homepage must be intentional.

Above the fold should be one clear image or video relating to your product with a value proposition telling people what your site does, how it does it, and why someone might want it in a sentence or two.

Dropbox’s homepage might be more simplistic than most but it describes their product, gives you the option to learn more, or sign up. Everything visitors need.


How to Improve Your Ecommerce Website In Five Easy Steps

2. Make your call-to-action buttons easy to find but make sure you don’t have twenty on one page.

Two or three (that are not competing with each other) is fine. Crazy Egg has a great homepage as well as perfect CTA buttons. Arrows, buttons the main focus, it’s everything.


How to Improve Your Ecommerce Website In Five Easy Steps

 3. Take out business jargon.

Simplify the language. No industry terms that visitors won’t understand.

4. Simplify the website.

In case studies, simple websites always win. If you need to explain something in-depth, have a link that says, “tell me more,” that takes visitors to another page. Don’t cram everything on the homepage.

5. Add testimonials, social proof, and proof of security, privacy or trust to utilize the power of third-party verification.

Bonus: Color and design matter for branding and for increasing conversion. Go with colors that make sense for your brand and that trigger the appropriate responses from visitors. Remember, colors evoke a psychological reaction.

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