How A Website Redesign Can Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate By 89%

Customer-centric is a key phrase that you’ve probably seen around (yawn, I know.). Customer-centric is one of those things that sounds a lot more complex than it actually is. To simplify, customer-centricity comes down to is this: Put your customer first when doing anything business related and you’ll make more money.

Seems simple enough, right? It’s easy for merchants to get caught up in their image, in how cool or innovative their products are that they accidentally forget about the most important people in business: The customer. This is an important concept when it comes to website design.

One-Call increased their lead gen by 89% after a customer-centric design overhaul. What did they do? They changed the flow of the site to be more streamlined. They moved their call-to-action buttons to one area. They took distracting text or images out.


How A Website Redesign Can Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate By 89%


Your site design should focus on one thing and one thing only: Getting customers to take one action. improved their conversion by 20% by removing confusing options. They went from good to WINNING in no time.

When someone happens upon your site (pat yourself on the back) they will decide within seconds if your site is legit. Is it safe? Does your site meet their needs? Does your site lull customers like a Lionel Richie song? Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Ask yourself: Is my website set up for customers or for me? A design with customers in mind can sky-rocket your business in no time.

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