6 Ecommerce Sites Started By Celebrities

Ecommerce trend watchers reported years ago that the next big influencer in ecommerce would be celebrities, and the new online stores started by the rich and famous cropping up has proven it to be an accurate prediction.

Less connected (and probably less wealthy, too) entrepreneurs can take a few lessons from the actresses, stylists, and YouTube celebrities, since all of these sites have earned these A-listers even more money.

Below are six celebrity-driven ecommerce sites you can look to for inspiration.


Rachel Zoe: The Zoe Report

Stylist-to-the stars Rachel Zoe’s online store boasts fashion and beauty tips and articles, plus the subscription-based “Box of Style.” For $100 each season, subscribers receive a box of some of the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.

6 Ecommerce Sites Started By Celebrities


Michelle Phan: Ipsy

YouTube celebrity and entrepreneur Michelle Phan’s site caters to the beauty-obsessed, with makeup tutorials, exclusive offers and a”Glam Bag” of makeup samples fans can sign up to receive each month.

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Gywneth Paltrow: Goop

A celebrity people love to hate and an arguably terrible name for a website hasn’t stopped the lifestyle magazine Goop from financial success. Marketed toward customers looking for higher end products with an eco, feel-good twist, Goop offers articles, tips, and of course, shopping.

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Jessica Alba: The Honest Company

The actress co-founded this company in 2012 and it’s steadily grown since then. Another subscription site, Honest Company subscribers receive eco-friendly bath and body products and diapers.

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Kate Hudson: Fabletics

For a monthly fee – yes, another subscription site – customers get a new athletic outfit in the mail. New designs come out monthly.

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Ellen DeGeneres: ED by Ellen

If you’ve been hankering for an Ellen DeGeneres-inspired tuxedo jacket or blazer, look no further.The comedian began her retail career through TV shopping channel QVC, then branched out into ecommerce with her online store that sells fashion and home decor.

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