Tips For Creating An Explainer Video For Your Online Business

explainer videoAn explainer video is a short video that “explains” and demonstrates how to use a particular product or service. In order for it to be effective, and create a boost for your brand, it needs to offer benefit and appeal to your target audience. Here are some tips on how to create an explainer video for your business.

Keep it short and sweet – You want to show people how to use your product or service but you want to only include the most essential elements so it’s not long and boring. Get to the point quickly and tell the viewers right away what problem your product is going to solve or what it is going to provide for them.

Show what makes your product stand out – Take a moment to explain why other solutions out there don’t work as well as your product or service. This will set you apart from the competition.

Focus on the benefit – Your video needs to be focused on how the product or service helps customers, not necessarily all the neat things it does. Always word things that highlight benefits to customers.

Plan it beforehand and write a script – To make sure you cover everything important and in a way that will appeal to your audience, you need to have a plan. Make an outline and then write a script that comes across as professional and complete. Pay attention to the wording and use correct grammar.

Find a style that works for your business – The overall style and format of the video can vary based on your business and what type of service or product you are explaining. Also, keep the script in line with your brand image.

Research – When finding ideas for your video, it’s good to do some research. Look at what others in the industry are doing and get some inspiration for format and content. But be sure to keep it original.

Voice-overs – Voice-overs are a great way to explain to your potential customers about your product or service, as you are showing them in the video.

Edit – Use some video editing software so that your finished product looks more professional.

Call to action – At the end of your video, you also need to include a call to action. Do you want people to buy your product? Tell them how to do it. Be direct and make it as simple as possible.

Share – After your video is finished, you need to distribute the video so that your target audience can see it. Consider sharing it on your homepage or a relevant product page. Share it on YouTube, Facebook and any other social channel.

Measure ROI – After you have posted your video to social media, you need to keep an eye on how many people watch it and the impact it is having. This will allow you to know if there are things that need to be changed or done better.

These tips for creating an explainer video (and more tips) can be found on Small Business Trends website here:

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