5 Ways to Get More Sales With Existing Traffic

You’ve worked hard to spread your message and your site is getting a decent amount of traffic but you’re still not making as much money as you know you could. Don’t worry, you’ve got this.

There are multiples ways to improve an online site’s transaction volume. You can increase traffic by getting more people to your website or you can increase conversion rates by getting more of your existing traffic to purchase from you.

So what are some immediate ways to effectively get more sales from your existing traffic?

1. Social Proof

Adding testimonials or reviews to your website almost always increases sales conversion. People care more about what their peers have to say about your brand than you do because they know that you’re biased. Think Amazon reviews – their customer product reviews are a huge part of what makes that site hugely successful.

2. Trust

Put a trust badge or trust seal on your page. There have been dozens and dozens of case studies done on the effectiveness of trust seals. We know they work, we know they build trust, and they definitely increase sales conversion. Get on the bandwagon! Learn more about Trust Seals: Can You Trust a Trust Seal? 3 Ways to Know You’re Getting Your Money’s Worth

3. Easy Access To Humans

Very few things in life are as frustrating as searching a website through and through to ask a question or get information that is not readily available on the website. If a potential customer has a tiny question that cannot be answered because they can’t find a quick, easy way to contact you, you are going to lose them. Rhino Support Live Chat is a fast, effective way to reach customers. A recent survey found that an incredible

31% of online shoppers said they would be more likely to buy after having a live chat conversation.

With that stat in mind, that means that you have the potential to increase your conversions by nearly one-third just by offering live chat. Learn more about live chat: 5 Reasons Customer Love Live Chat (and Will Love You Too)

4. Good Headlines

Clear, concise headlines are not only great for SEO but they’re also important for viewers. How can they find what they’re looking for if you headlines don’t seem to match your content, or if they’re vague or confusing? Your headlines should basically summarize the text it is headlining in one sentence. If you have a paragraph about web design and your headlines reads, “How Good Do You Look?” how will anyone know what you’re talking about? They won’t.

5. Guarantee

Guaranteeing your products or services will increase buyer confidence. In turn, you’ll increase sales. For example the shipping insurance company (and more) 4x Buyer Protection offers several guarantees as the basis of its products. Not only does it offer a Terms of Service Guarantee and a Price Match Guarantee, it also guarantees customers that their package will be protected through shipping insurance and their identity will be protected in case of identity theft.

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