Online Data Breaches More Feared Than Ever Before

2617-security_article - CopyAccording to the Business Continuity Institute and their fifth annual Horizon Scan Report, global fears about data breaches passed unplanned IT & telecom outages as the number two concern among business owners. The number one fear? Cyber attacks. Also of note is the increased fear of a security incident (up one spot from last year to number five).

The fact that business owners believe that three of their top five concerns have to do with cyber attacks, data breaches and security incidents shows that the threat of someone hacking into your site and compromising your website is getting more and more real. With data breaches suffered by Sony and Carphone Warehouse widely publicized, as well as the Twitter community constantly tweeting about small to medium-sized companies being attacked, its easy to see why more companies than ever are worried about the security of their online businesses.

David James-Brown FBCI, Chairman of the Business Continuity Institute, commented: “The need perceived by organizations to identify and build resilience to this range of threats reveals the importance of this survey for business continuity professionals, the Horizon Scan’s reputation and reliability make it one of the most popular reports in the industry on a global scale. It is indeed crucial for practitioners to advise organizations on what to prepare for and adjust their recovery plans accordingly.

The industry landscape is rapidly changing, and so should our discipline in order to keep up with both traditional and modern challenges. At the top of the list this year we continue to see threats such as cyber attack, data breach and unplanned IT outages. Given the rise of new challenges and the fact that old ones remain, horizon scanning techniques are even more valuable in assisting organizations to be prepared to the best of their potential.

More companies are now understanding the importance of becoming and then staying PCI compliant. With consistent scanning for vulnerabilities used by hackers, and swiftly repairing said vulnerabilities, website owners can focus more on their business than on their online security. If you’re one of the tens of millions of business owners concerned about your website’s security, contact Trust Guard for a free security analysis to see where you stand. The front door to your site could be wide open with no one home to defend it.

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