Excellent Tools For Content Marketing

content marketingContent marketing is usually a challenge. It’s not only hard to create content and find content to share, but you also have to get people to read it and talk about it. There are some great tools out there that can really help you with your content marketing. Here are a few:

Pocket – You come across interesting content everywhere and anywhere. It may be from something someone sends you or you may come across it as you reading through your news feed. These all have the potential of becoming great content, but you might not be able to view just then. This is where Pocket comes in. You simply move it all into Pocket and view it when you are ready to see it.

Post Planner – Because the internet never closes, there is always someone on there that may be interested in your content. But if you’re not promoting your content while they are online, they might not notice it. Post Planner promotes your content for you when you’re not available to do it.

Smart Custom Writing – This is a professional content writing service that can write blog posts, articles, press releases and other business related content. They also have employees available to proofread, edit or rewrite content for you. This is a great tool to use when your need to get content published is bigger than your staff’s ability to keep up.

Content Idea Generator – This online utility gives you hundreds of post ideas when you can’t come up with a new idea on your own. It’s easy to work with and can provide you answers that revolve around your target, interests and products and services.

Headline Analyzer – If you’re headline isn’t catchy, most people won’t read your content. Headline analyzer gives your headline a score and helpful information on things to make your headline more compelling.

Google Analytics – This is a suite of tools offered by Google to analyze the effects of your content marketing. You will learn how many visitors are coming to your blog, where they are coming from, how long they are staying and what they are searching for. This is extremely useful when creating future marketing campaigns.

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