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Maybe you heard from a friend or business associate how their website just got hacked. Or maybe your credit card service provider asked if you were scanning your site for vulnerabilities as per their requirements for becoming and staying PCI compliant. Or maybe you just care about the security of your website and the safety of your customer’s confidential information. Whatever the reason, the friendly people at Free PCI Scanning will scan your site for free!

They’ll scan for over 75,000 vulnerabilities that hackers use to access your website and your website’s server. That’s a $47 value! When the scan is done, they send you a free detailed report of the scan. If it comes back OK, you can rest easy, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your site is safe. If it doesn’t pass the scan, at least you will know what security holes need to be fixed so that your IT guy or hosting company can fix them. It might shock you to know that more than 85% of people who request the free scan fail the scan. This is because most companies don’t keep their sites secure – and because nobody scans for more vulnerabilities than

Because a new vulnerability is found almost every hour, it’s a good idea to get scanned periodically after your first free scan. If you are selling anything on your site, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requires that you scan your site at least quarterly. Trust Guard, the leader in website security, can help with additional scans. They can scan your site daily, weekly or monthly to keep your site safe and secure and free from hackers for a low monthly fee. With all the problems website owners are having with identity theft and getting hacked, and with new vulnerabilities being found every day, wise business owners everywhere are taking advantage of Trust Guard’s guaranteed security services. To get started, request your free scan at

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