Huge Blogging Mistakes Most Ecommerce Sites Make

blogging mistakesWhen you started your ecommerce site you probably thought it seemed so simple. First set up a website and sell goods or services and second, make money!  But selling online has become incredibly complex over the years.  One thing that you have probably been told is that having a blog will help your business.  Blogs are used to inform customers about company products and values, increasing website rankings, and increasing credibility. Many ecommerce sites have started a blog, but unfortunately, many also seem to be doing it wrong. Blogging is more than just organizing words into sentences. If you want to earn the wonderful benefits of a blog, make sure you aren’t making any of these blogging mistakes:

Blog topics are too general – Many business owners think that filling their blog with posts about everything and shoving as many keywords as possible is the best way to find more readers and customers. But the way that Google ranks each web page has to do with its topic using the available keywords. So, using a plethora of similar keywords will work best. A well researched, highly relevant post once or twice a week is a great way to sustain an audience.

Not utilizing SEO tactics – Meta tags, including meta titles and descriptions, need to have the correct keywords to label the content.  The blog headlines also need to be descriptive.  Clearly explain a post’s content within its title.

Clunky site architecture – Business owners often forget about their blog when trying to create a beautiful, functional website as their goal. Often they use some sort of WordPress plug in, which rarely looks good. It is important that your ecommerce website integrates with your blog within the site’s main structure. This is so that users can comfortably navigate back and forth between your blog and your products.

Inconsistent publishing – Often times a business’s blog will have posts like crazy for a week and a half and then disappear for some time. An ecommerce blog won’t produce results in a week, and publishing one post every three months isn’t effective either.  Blogs should have a strict schedule for content being posted in order to grow a loyal audience.

Not involving the community – You may worry that if you provide links to other sites, people will click on them and never come back to your site. But the best thing about the Internet is the power to bring people together. Although your ecommerce site’s main purpose is to sell products, your blog should work to make connections and build communities through interaction with others. Social media accounts are also helpful in establishing relationships with your blog.

Inconsistent style – As was mentioned before, your blog must employ the same colors, fonts and overall aesthetics as your website. If not, customers will be put off and take their business somewhere else.

6 Huge Blogging Mistakes Most Ecommerce Sites Make|Blogger Pro

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