14 Ecommerce Statistics That Will Change How You Target Your Customers

The Majority of Customers Shop Online

Approximately 73% of internet users in the United States, representing more than 60% of the entire population, had purchased products online, according to a recent survey.

80% of the online population has purchased something using the internet, 50% of the online population have purchased more than once.

46% of users read reviews and blogs before purchasing online

Free Shipping Wins Customers

47% of all online orders include free shipping (source: monetate)

Shoppers spend 30% more per order when free shipping is included (source: Wharton)

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Mobile and Devices Affect Purchasing

98.9 million online buyers who have purchased at least once via a mobile device (source: Statista)

Device plays a big part in conversion. Desktop is 3.11%, Tablet is 2.59% and Smartphone is 1.01% in Q4 2013 (source: Monetate)

Search Engine Optimization Will Get Customers in the Door

44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine

Reviews Win Customers

46% of users read reviews and blogs before purchasing online

Blogs influence purchase, 13% said they a blog post had inspired a purchase

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Social Media Influences Buyers

84% of online shoppers refer to at least one social media site for recommendations before shopping online

(Source:  VMO: 100 Quick And Snackable eCommerce Statistics)

Better Deals Online

71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores

Comparison Shopping

36% of consumers spend 30+ minutes comparison shopping before making a decision on purchasing a commodity product; 65% spend 16+ minutes doing so.

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Small Businesses are Missing Out

Only 28% of US small businesses are selling their products online (source: SBA)

(Source: Selz Blog: 40 Amazing Online Shopping and Ecommerce Statistics)

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