6 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment That Are So Easy You Don’t Know Why You Didn’t Think of It

Shopping cart abandonment rates can plummet if you know just a few easy tricks. If you’re like most ecommerce business owners, however, cart abandonment has probably been a constant threat to your bottom line. According to the Baymard Institute,

For every 10 customers, about seven of them will abandon the cart without buying.

Pinpointing the obstacles toward what’s keeping customers from making that final click to buy now can be daunting, but we’ve got six ways to get customers to click “buy now” instead of clicking away.

Offer Shipping Insurance

Studies suggest that one way to overcome shoppers’ hesitation is by offering extras such as shipping insurance.

Shipping insurance will help you stand out from amongst your competitors and alleviate any customers’ concerns that they might lose out on money if they buy from you. And remember, just because you don’t offer shipping insurance doesn’t mean your competitors don’t. That might be the final key to getting customers to go from “maybe” to “yes.”

Keep Them With Price Match Guarantee 6 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment That Are So Easy You Didn't Think of It

Another way to keep customers from clicking off your site is by offering a price match guarantee. If they know they don’t have to make the extra step of checking for a lower price – and thus clicking off your site – you’re more likely to keep them on the page and hitting buy.

Retailers reported in a survey by research firm BDO that the second-biggest reason customers were enticed to buy from them was through price matching.

Protect Their Identity

With data breaches making headlines almost daily, customers are aware more than ever that their private data and payment info is at risk of being stolen every time they shop. If they’re not comfortable with your site for any reason, they’re going to be more likely to abandon that cart. Keep them on your site until they’ve made the purchase by showing them their identity is protected.

Protect Their Purchase

Let customers know that their purchase is protected with a terms of service guarantee. By showing them they can get satisfaction if the terms of service weren’t met, they’ll know buying from you is risk-free.

Show Them They Can Trust Your Site

New website visitors don’t know you from Adam. Because of that, many may get to the checkout page only to get cold feet and abandon their shopping cart before buying. With a trust seal you can let them know that your site is secure, meaning their data, credit card information and personal details are safe. Trust Guard’s Trust Seal has been shown to reduce cart abandonment and boost sales.

6 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment That Are So Easy You Didn't Think of ItChat with Them

Studies have shown that website visitors are more likely to hit that “buy” button if they can have their questions quickly and easily answered without having to leave your website. According to a recent survey,

31% of online shoppers said they would be more likely to buy after having a live chat conversation.

With live chat support, an issue or question that might cause a potential customer to abandon their cart can be immediately satisfied.


Karen Schmidt

Journalist turned blogger about all things ecommerce, shopping, retail and cyber security.

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