4 of the Top Customer Service Trends in Ecommerce

It’s not just the times that change, it’s the customer, too. If you’re using only old marketing tactics from 2000, or even 2012, you’re on the wrong track. Customers are evolving, and so are their needs. Fail to meet their needs, fail to get their cash. We’ve collected relevant articles, statistics and survey results that clearly illustrate what customers want, and how you can give them what they want, quickly and easily.

Peer Reviews

Customers rely on peer reviews to decide whether they want to make a purchase. 46% of users read reviews and blogs before purchasing online, according to the experts at VMO.

Just think of sites like Amazon or Sephora. Where would they be if not for customer reviews? How would customers be able to choose? With a service that collects local reviews, merchant reviews, and product reviews, your ecommerce site will attract more customers and increase sales. Read more in a Case Study: How One Retailer Increased Reviews and Traffic with Shopper Approved (Infographic).

Secure Online Shopping

Customers know that in this age of cyber theft it’s like playing Russian roulette if they shop on a site unknown to them. In a recent survey, 89% of shoppers said they won’t shop on a site they don’t trust.

So how to win over website visitors with your awesome customer service? Show them right off the bat that they can trust you by displaying a Trust Seal on your website’s home page, then another one on the checkout page. A recent Forbes article says that “the general consensus has been that trust seals are indeed important for e-commerce sites.”

An A/B split test conducted by website security service provider Trust Guard compared sites with a seal to sites without a seal, and the sites with a seal showed significant increases in conversion by 14% on average. In a similar case study for iNetVideo, Trust Guard Trust Seals increased sales conversion over no seal by 15.8%.

Read on for more info about how Trust Seals help you provide excellent customer service and win more sales: Are Trust Seals Necessary? What Do Trust Seals Do?

Price Matching

One of the strongest ways you can influence a website visitor to buy from you is through price matching. Retailers reported in a survey by research firm BDO that the second-biggest reason customers were enticed to buy from them was through price matching.  (Free shipping came in at number one.)

And in another survey, 36% of consumers said they spend 30 minutes or more comparison shopping before making a decision on purchasing a commodity product. A big way you can lose a customer is if they have to leave your site to comparison shop. By offering a price match guarantee through a low-cost price matching service, you can keep your visitors on your page until they hit that “buy” button. Read on for How Price Matching Can Win Customers For Your Ecommerce Site

All Channels

Customers want omnichannel support. Customers want to have their full customer service support on whatever channel they choose, whenever they want it.

Companies with extremely strong omnichannel support have an average 89%  customer retention rate,  according to a report from Aberdeen.  Compare that to only 33% for companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement.

A powerful way to increase your omnichannel customer engagement is through live chat customer support. Live chat is growing in popularity among businesses, meaning more and more consumers are expecting it an option. 58% of companies in 2014 were offering live chat, compared to 43% in 2012 and 30% in 2009, according to a 2015 research study conducted by Forrester Research.

Learn more about How Live Chat Can Increase Conversions for Your Ecommerce Site

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