Software Flaws Exploited by Hackers More Than Double: New Report

Findings detailed in a new report show that the software flaws used in hacking more than doubled last year, setting a new record. According to a recent article from Reuters, this is yet “another sign of the increasing sophistication of cybercrime and online espionage.”

Hackers and “criminal gangs” exploit unknown vulnerabilities in computer programs to steal data, information and credit card info.

In 2015, 54 new security holes were used by hackers, up from 24 in 2014 and 23 in 2013, according to the article.

Secret vulnerabilities in computer programs are especially prized by criminal gangs, law enforcement and spies because software vendors have not been warned and so cannot publish fixes.

Hackers capitalize on these security flaws by not only exploiting them themselves, but selling underground “exploit kits” that are used in ransomware and other hacking schemes.

This new report highlights that website security is not only a necessity, but an ongoing process. Hackers don’t rest, and neither should you or your business in your effort to protect yourself and your customers’ money.

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Reuters: Software Flaws Used in Hacking More Than Double, Setting Record

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