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The bubble wrap, the boxes, the unwieldy packing tape – there’s more to packing a box for shipping than just throwing things in any old container. We’ve compiled some expert tips on how to pack a box for shipping to ensure it gets to its destination safe and secure.


Corrugated boxes are best for their sturdiness. Use a new box if you can – although recycling is great! Just make sure a pre-used box doesn’t have any punctures, rips or damage to the corners, which will make it more likely to get damaged en route. Choose an appropriate box strength/weight ratio. UPS has a great chart:

Expert Tips on How to Pack A Box for Shipping


Three inches of cushioning tends to work best: bubble wrap, paper, and recyclable packing peanuts work great to protect your box’s contents. Wrap fragile items individually. And please, do the environment a favor and just say no to Styrofoam packing products.


Use 2” clear or brown packing tape and reinforce all seams. Don’t use twine or paper – they’ll get caught in conveyor belts.

More Tips

Fed Ex has 4 tips for packing like a pro:

Expert Tips on How to Pack A Box for Shipping

Shipping Insurance

The top online stores all offer free shipping, and now they’re starting to offer shipping insurance to their customers, too. Shipping insurance gives customers that extra incentive to shop with you, especially if you’re a new guy to the ecommerce game, or just a smaller biz trying to compete with the big boys. For more on the pros of shipping insurance, check out 4 Reasons You Need Shipping Insurance For Your Ecommerce Site.

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