Fung Shui Tips for Your Online Business

office-bagua-2-13-386x500Being an entrepreneur definitely has its advantages. One of the greatest rewards is the ability to call the shots. But one of the greatest risks is not knowing which decision to make.

Fortunately, you can use the ancient techniques and principles of feng shui to help you draw more clients to you, create a harmonious business that attracts clients, builds a financial foundation for your life, gives you more control and greater freedom and provides an increased feeling of personal achievement.

Here are a few ways that feng shui can help generate more flow – and that means more success and more sales for you.

1. Focus on Revenue.

When it comes to your business, money should always come first. Why? Well, because you’re in business. Most emails can wait, most filing can wait, but money can’t.

Write out your bills every Monday and every day ask yourself if the activities you’re doing are generating income. Being busy doesn’t always mean that you are financially productive – so do those things that produce revenue and delegate the busy work to someone else.

For example, customer service can be delegated to someone else, like an hourly employee, as long as you use an easy-to-understand provider like Rhino Support.

2. Get a Metal Water Fountain.

A work in progress, but I certainly have more plants!

A work in progress, but I certainly have more plants!

Make sure you are surrounded by financial energy. That energy’s element is water. Keep a clear, running and full fountain in your office to help keep you relaxed and stimulate business opportunities. North, the business opportunity sector, is also the direction associated with water. Adding metal here will also stimulate water energy – and that stimulates business and money from your business.

3. Set a Goal & Look at It Daily.

What is your symbol of success? If you want to be the world’s best cookbook writer, then wrap some cookbooks in a cover with your name on it. Look at it every day as if it were your finished book. Seeing is believing! Find a symbol that is meaningful to you and keep it where you can prominently see it while you work. Pick a symbol, any personally motivating symbol, and keep it in front of you.

4. Feng shui Your Website with Colors.

Yes, feng shui can even be applied to bytes and pixels! I often see businesses that have websites whose colors conflict, such as red and silver, green and beige, or green and yellow. These are color combinations that fatigue visitors – meaning the website is less sticky and more likely to be abandoned and with fewer repeat visitors.

That’s because these color combinations make your website work against itself – and that gets you nowhere. Select feng shui compatible color combinations. This would include blue, black, and white or yellow, purple, and red, or green, black, and blue. Not sure about your site? Call me for a feng shui assessment of your website to check your color combinations.

5. Keep the Lines of Communication Open.bagua4

Sales depend on making it as easy as possible for the customer to reach you. Get yourself a 1-800 number, a fax number, and a land-line if you’re in business. Interestingly, when I moved from a cell phone as my primary business phone and got all the other lines installed, I began receiving many more calls.

Think of it this way: no talk, no sales; more talk, more sales! More than 80% of online consumers make the purchase after being able to immediately talk with someone on the site through live chat. So if your company still needs a live chat provider, you can order it here.

8. Use the Power of One.

One is the number of opportunity and money from business in feng shui. There is probably one thing that you could do to instantly make a difference in your business. What is it? For some, it would be to create that first product, for others it would mean publishing your book, and for others it might be making sales calls. But, chances are you know the one thing that’s standing in the way of your success. Get to work on just that one thing.

You know what it is.

Put it ahead of everything else and do it now.

Special thanks to Kathryn Weber for much of the information found in this article. To read her article, click here.

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