Company Culture Influences Data Breaches: Report

Company culture plays a key role in how susceptible a business is to data breaches, according to a new report from research firm Willis Towers Watson.

Firms that don’t make employee cyber security training, customer service or even their corporate image a priority are in danger of being hit by hackers, according to the report.

It’s well-known and well-documented that human error is one of the biggest risks in cyber security. Ill-trained staff are much more likely to click on links containing malware or to use easily-hackable passwords, to name just a couple of employee risk factors.

Companies that focus on training employees in the basics of website security are much less likely to be hacking victims, according to the report.

The report’s authors recommend companies undertake comprehensive website security training for all employees to minimize the risk of data breach.


Culture Influences Data Breach Risk, Research Says

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This new report highlights that website security is not only a necessity, but an ongoing process. Hackers don’t rest, and neither should you or your business in your effort to protect yourself and your customers’ money.

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