How To Come Up With Ideas For Awesome Blog Posts

awesome blog postsIf you are a blogger, than you probably know the feeling of writer’s block.  But as a blogger you are part of a community.  You’re not alone.  Being part of a community can help you with your writer’s block.  The Social M’s have offered up 7 ways that the community (or blogosphere) can help you come up with ideas and inspiration to write super awesome blog posts.

  1. Read – If you want to write more, read more. You can’t get ideas from staring at an empty screen. If you read other blogs from your niche or blogs with similar topics and then decide if you agree or disagree or why you like them or don’t like them, you can get ideas on what to write.
  2. Communication – Some of the best blog posts ever written have been based on a conversation. The blogging community is based on social networking which can lead to great and interesting conversations. For example, if you read a great blog post, you can write your own thoughts as a reply. When you tweet or share your post, mention the original author.
  3. Opinions – Write about all the different opinions on a subject. You can write a blog post that highlights main opinions, quote the original articles and even link to them.
  4. Ask – Ask the community what they want to hear from you. If you have subscribers to your newsletter, ask them there. Or ask your audience on social media what you should write about. You may be surprised what my turn up.
  5. Comments – Sometimes reading through your blog comments may give you ideas on new posts to write.
  6. Twitter – Watching twitter is another great way to come up with post ideas. Read twitter conversations that are interesting and write about it.
  7. Practice – As you read blog posts you will notice that all writers have different styles. You can try out new styles of writing too. Make sure your posts are still original, but if you want to try out a style of one of your favorite influencers, than try it.

Don’t get frustrated if you can’t come up with new ideas. Everyone goes through it.  Try some of these tips and you’ll be sure to write awesome blog posts.

7 Ways To Come Up With SUPER AWESOME Blog Posts From The Blogging Community|The Social M’s


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