5 Reasons Your Ecommerce Customers Would Love Live Chat

Live chat – those little pop-up customer service windows can win you new customers and help you keep old ones. In an Emarketer.com survey, 63% of customers said they’re more likely to do repeat business with a site that offers live chat.

5 Reasons Customers Love Live Chat

It’s Convenient

Nothing beats the convenience like live chat. Customers expect options when it comes to customer service, and many will leave your site rather than hunt down a customer service phone number or email to have questions answered.

It’s Fast

It’s much quicker to type up a question in a chat box rather than wade through a long array of recorded voice prompts on the customer service line or leave the page they were shopping on to type in an email form. With live chat, customers’ questions are answered almost as quickly as they can think of them.

It’s Friendly

No impersonal email form or pre-recorded voice with live chat. In just seconds they can reach a real live human being, chatting with them just like they’re used to on social media sites.

It’s Private

Many people shop online during work hours, meaning they won’t want to pick up the phone to ask what may be a pivotal question to get them to make that purchase. Or they may be on a noisy bus or surrounded by family at home trying to secretly purchase a gift for their loved one – live chat makes it possible to be discreet.

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