How to Get Content for Your E-Commerce Blog Posts

Happy, loyal customers are the life-blood of your e-commerce business. A great way to get and keep more of them is through an engaging e-commerce blog.

Even the most creative writer can run out of ideas. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on raw inspiration to get your content ideas. There are some proven techniques that you can use to continually generate ideas for your e-commerce blogging. Here are five of them:e-commerce blog posts

Don’t Just Talk About You & Your Products

The right balance should be struck between blogging about your products and about more general topics related to your niche. There are two benefits to this, whether you are an online security company or provide customer support software. First, your visitors will appreciate your unbiased information on the general topics and infer that your product blog postings are similarly unbiased. Second, broadening your topics beyond your products gives you more subject matter to write about which greatly eases the problem of finding new content ideas.

Broadening your topics also casts a wider SEO net which brings in traffic that might not know about your products, but who are researching topics closely related to your offerings. These newcomers are essential for expanding your customer base. The broader topics also increase your brand’s appeal to your repeat customers.

When writing about your products, it’s best to leave the heavy promotion to your sales and listing pages. Your blog posts should be of a more helpful and informational nature. For example, you could write about underused features of your customer support software, or about creative and new uses for your products, or about more effective ways of implementing your trust seals. Another approach is writing a “how to” post about an important interest of your visitors where using your product makes the process more efficient or convenient.

Use Customer and Reader Feedback

Make note of commonly asked questions in email correspondence from your email list of members and customers. This reveals the topics and questions that are most important to them. Because of their extreme relevance to your readership, blog posts directly addressing these issues can become hugely popular. In the same vein, look for issues commonly discussed or asked about in your blog comments. When you are short on blog ideas, look to your blog comments for inspiration.

Look for Unanswered Questions on Your Competitor’s Blog

Are there common issues among your competitor’s readership that aren’t being answered? These are revealed in the comments on your competitor’s posts. Make a list of these and publish blog posts about them. Leave a comment on your competitor’s blog posts where these questions are raised with a link back to your answers.

Expand on Tips, Hints, and Subheadings of Your Earlier Posts

Within all content lie the seeds of even more content. Look through your past tips and lists posts and consider turning a particular tip or list item into its own blog post. You can do the same thing with subheaders where each can serve as the topic of a new post. You can even break down a post, sentence by sentence to find the seed for yet another blog topic.

Include User-Generated Content

If you have an active email newsletter readership, ask them to submit useful tips about a topic of interest via email. Let them know in advance that you will make a blog post featuring the submitted tips with credit given to each contributor. You can also base posts on questions solicited from your readers. You might start a post with “One of our readers, John Smith, asks…” and then continue with your answer to the question.

Use the above tips to keep your blog fresh with new and useful content. Remember that engaging current and potential customers is the key to keeping your e-commerce business thriving. Try to keep a good-sized list of topics well before you need them. Whenever an idea strikes, whether you are an online security company or provide customer support software, immediately write it down into your topic list.


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