Grinch-Like Hackers Could Ruin Your Christmas Cheer

Grinch HackersYou’re probably familiar with the stories about people being ripped off or having their identities stolen through unscrupulous online websites, even when they were doing something as innocent as trying to buy gifts for loved ones.

It happened to my brother. $3,000 was spent at a liquor store from his credit card – and he doesn’t even drink! It may have happened to you. It’s an unfortunate fact that illicit sites can be disguised as legitimate ones or that phishing emails can lure people into some sort of online trap.

Consumer Reports warns us that: “Just because a website looks legitimate doesn’t mean it is. Some are scams set up to steal your identity, your credit-card information, or both. Others sell counterfeit goods. And still others engage in unethical practices, such as luring you in with low prices they honor only if you buy extra items, or quietly adding unexpected charges based on fine-print disclosures they know you won’t read.”*

Some shoppers might think it’s too sketchy to shop online at all. How is a shopper to know just who is trustworthy and who is shady? Well, one smart and easy way is to look on the website for the Trust Guard Business Verified seal.

You see, Trust Guard does the hard work of verifying that a site is run by a legitimate business so you don’t have to. And unlike the BBB, they give customers the opportunity to resolve issues privately if a problem arises between a customer and the business. This gives sellers a chance to fix an oversight before it blows up into a big issue that causes lots of reputational damage.

GrinchWhen you see the Trust Guard Business Verified Seal on a website, you can rest assured that the site is not only legitimate, but that it is safe for online shopping. Trust Guard also connects a certificate to the seal so that buyers can easily see that the business is trustworthy. For the seller, this helps attract more customers.

What’s more, Trust Guard is so confident that their Business Verified service and seal will deliver what’s promised to sellers that it has a double-your-money-back guarantee. Several testimonials show this at This Christmas, remember that the Grinch won’t stand a chance against  sites that display Trust Guard seals.

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