Is Your Company Staying Competitive?

Competition is a double-edged sword.  It helps to provide consumers with reasonable prices and quality products while removing companies that aren’t prepared or powerful enough to gain a significant following. 

competitionEstablished businesses can easily fight off their competitors and still remain successful. But it’s different for those who are just getting started.

You might ask questions like, “How on earth is my little business supposed to compete with the likes of Amazon and Walmart?” Well, displaying Trust Guard’s trust seals is a great way to establish trust with your current and potential customers.  

Here are some other ideas that will help answer that question.

Offer Loyalty Programs: This is a great way to ensure customers will stick with you for the long haul – rather than searching everywhere every time for the cheapest prices. “Buy 4 Get 1 Free” and “Earn $20 In-Store Credit with Every $100 Spent” programs provide incentives for your customers to continuously shop with you.

Establish Trust: Another big issue startups and new businesses encounter when trying to compete with the larger businesses  is trust – especially when it comes to e-commerce businesses. Virtually no one will shop on a website that they do not trust completely, and that is why people prefer to shop at popular e-commerce websites. To win over customers to your website, you can display trust seals to show that your website is safe.

Take Advantage of Social Media: Social media provides entrepreneurs with the ability to create personal relationships with people. Facebook pages and groups can give them a safe place to ask questions and get to know you better. Webinars give you the chance to showcase your personality and your business with new inductees, building a bond with them and offering them special pricing. 

Always Be Available: Software programs like Rhino Support that offer live chat and a customer support platform starting at $15 a month can help you offer the type of service that consumers want and that they usually don’t get with the bigger companies. With Rhino’s mobile app, you can extend your working hours, turning even more of your visitors into customers.  

Your company can be a force to be reckoned with if you focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t. 

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