POS System Security Breach At Target Caused By 17 Year Old Teenager

A security firm has established that the massive Target/Neiman Marcus security breach was caused by a 17 year old Russian teenager. Experts are warning customers to be prepared for more POS system security issues in the near future as more and more business’ are being hit by this type of “check-out” hacking. Six more retailers have been hit with a similar point-of-sale system breach since Target’s first announcement in mid-december. Millions of customers have had their private data sold and many customers have already experienced fraud and theft. Merchants as well as customers can prepare for this type of new theft by updating credit cards and putting POS system protection in place.

The teenager responsible for creating the malware shared it on the internet for other hackers to use. This is what happened in the case of the Target breach. So far everyone affected has been a retail customer. Retailers could be subject to a class-action suit.

For The Full Story: Watch breaking news of POS system security breach and the kid behind it on CNN

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