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Grow Your Business: The Everything Guide To eCommerce Marketing And Increasing Sales 26 Things You Must Do To Continually Grow Your Business Increase Your Site Traffic (SEO) 6 Things Entrepreneurs Are Doing Wrong Website Security And PCI Compliance How A POS System Security Scan Can Protect Merchants From Target-Style Security Breach Importance Of PCI Compliance […]

The Everything Guide To eCommerce Marketing And Increasing Sales

Friends of mine are often surprised when I tell them they need social media for their small business, or to promote themselves as the artsy types they are. They’re surprised because the game only recently changed, and people who don’t work in online marketing, like yours truly, are often totally blind to it. Publishing houses […]

Avoid Black Friday catastrophe with tips from these resources

Black Friday, the biggest shopping event of the year, is just weeks away. Holiday sales have traditionally accounted for up to 40 percent of a store’s annual sales, according to a recent article from ABC News. This means big business for stores, but also a potential landmine of holiday mishaps for unprepared companies. Here are […]

4 Simple Steps to Increase Sales By: Dylan Hess

As a business, the goal is to continuously improve sales. So, instead of running out and starting a whole new advertising campaign, take a look at a few simple, yet effective, steps to improve your business. 1.   Know Your Customer Do you know who your target customers are? Pinpointing your target customer is a huge […]

Great Resources For eCommerce Startups And Small Business By Dylan Hess

3 pieces of Social Media Marketing Advise for Ecommerce sites   By: Ivan Lim You’ve decided on using social media as a marketing tool, CONGRATULATIONS!  Do you want to find out how and why getting in touch with people is so important? In this article by Ivan Lim, you will discover 3 exciting ways that social […]

Awesome eCommerce Resources To Boost Your Business

Here’s How “Product Context” Helps you Sell More Stuff Online   By: Derek Halpern What triggers you to buy something? It is because you’re getting a good deal? Or maybe it’s because you think you can see real value in a product? In reality it all comes down to how the product context is displayed! Little […]

Great eCommerce Resources We Found While Looking Around By Dylan Hess

45 Social Media Tools and Tips to Improve Your Marketing   By: Ian Cleary When you have finally made that choice and decided it was time to get your business involved with social media. This can seem like a very BIG decision. By BIG decision I mean it can create a ton of work. From initial […]

5 Great Articles about Product Marketing to Check out This Week By Harper Roark

“5 Ways to Add Personality to Your Product Descriptions” – You’ve set up your online store and created your pay-per-click and product listing ads.  How do you get your targeted traffic to buy select your products instead of similar products from your competitors?  One way is by adding personality to your product descriptions!  In this […]

5 Must-Read Sources For eCommerce Business

Hey guys! So, I was sitting around today reading about war dogs (have you ever google stubby?) trying to think about something relevant to write about and it dawned on me that information is the most important thing that I can share. Where do I get my information? What information has legitimately helped our business […]

Failing PCI Compliance: Consequences And Doom

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance can seem daunting. That’s why every day we receive questions from dozens of terrified business owners about what responsibilities a small merchant has when it comes to compliance. It doesn’t matter how many transactions a company does, it is a sure shot that PCI compliance applies to you, your business, and […]

Why You Need A Professional Copywriter By Striker Evans

1. You might think that you’re saving money by writing your own copy but chances are you’re actually losing money. If you don’t have a college degree or equal experience in advertising, writing, journalism, or English, it probably takes you a lot longer than a professional to produce great content. In addition, a professional will […]

Why You Need To Re-Examine Your Privacy Policy

Your privacy policy shouldn’t just be another item checked off on your company’s “to do,” list. A well-constructed privacy policy can do more for your business than you might think, and hey! It’s possible that you’re putting your business in danger or missing out on an easy opportunity to boost your conversion rate. Your privacy […]