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Grow Your Business: The Everything Guide To eCommerce Marketing And Increasing Sales 26 Things You Must Do To Continually Grow Your Business Increase Your Site Traffic (SEO) 6 Things Entrepreneurs Are Doing Wrong Website Security And PCI Compliance How A POS System Security Scan Can Protect Merchants From Target-Style Security Breach Importance Of PCI Compliance […]

The Everything Guide To eCommerce Marketing And Increasing Sales

Friends of mine are often surprised when I tell them they need social media for their small business, or to promote themselves as the artsy types they are. They’re surprised because the game only recently changed, and people who don’t work in online marketing, like yours truly, are often totally blind to it. Publishing houses […]

Tis the Season for Hacking

National women’s clothing retailer Bebe suffered a hacking attack on their credit card payment system. According to Martyn Williams, The company said Friday [12/5/14] that the cardholder name, account number, expiration date, and verification code could have been stolen by hackers who apparently had access to the company’s payment processing system between Nov. 8 and […]

Social Media Is Important. Period.

Everyone keeps yapping about social media. Share. Share. Share. Get your name out there. Many people wonder is it really worth it? Do I really need to putz around on Tumblr? The answer is a definitive yes! Social media is a quick and easy form of free advertising. Mike Jones offers some great statistics that […]

Is Your Copywriting Costing You Money?

You might think that you’re saving money by writing your own copy but chances are you’re actually losing money. If you don’t have a college degree or equal experience in advertising, writing, journalism, it probably takes you a lot longer than a professional to produce great content. In addition, a professional will do a better […]

Google Cloud, Cyber Monday sales & more: ecommerce news this week

We’ve rounded up all the news you need to know this week about everything ecommerce. Why Consumers Love eCommerce (Not Why You Think) You’d think why people love online shopping is that it’s easy, there’s no battling surly teenagers at malls, you can buy all those Real Housewives DVDS without the judgmental looks from the […]

Listen Up, Social Proof Matters

My husband snores. I mean, like really loud. Occasionally, his snoring interferes with simple late night tasks like reading. Therefore, I was in the market for a killer set of headphones. Not only did I need headphones to block the sound of his symphonic cacophony of nightly noises, but also I needed to be able […]

The One Thing You Need To Know About Trust Seals

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “Do trust seals actually work?” Will a trust seal increase your conversion rates? Yes, yes they will. There are numerous A/B split tests that prove that having a seal increases sales. It’s one of those things that has been measured, and measured, to death a million times […]

Make More Money And Secure Your Website With This Cyber Monday Special

If you want to increase your conversion rates you’ve got to establish trust with potential customers as quickly as possible. Eight in ten online shoppers said they won’t shop at a site they don’t trust. Trust Seals are the easiest, most effective way to make more sales right now. Trust seals have been proven to increase […]

A Bad Reputation Could Ruin Your Company

Have you ever Googled a guy before going on a date? I have. You meet a nice guy in the coffee shop. You exchange niceties over a latte. He asks for your number. Then, he calls to ask if you would like to go to dinner. So you Google sweet John Doe and find out […]

5 Star Success

You’ve made a reservation with an online website to stay in an apartment in London. Not only will you save money, but you will also get to experience London with a slightly less touristy feel. You take the Tube from the airport to Camden. You did your research and you know this is a quaint […]

Utah: Build Trust. Increase Sales. Win Win.

In business, trust is the fruit of your company’s loins. And everyone wants his or her business to produce abundantly and carry on the family name, right? But seriously, trust is imperative to your business’ success. Just as in any relationship, the lack of it creates confusion, accusations, uneasiness and stress; none of which can […]