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Grow Your Business: The Everything Guide To eCommerce Marketing And Increasing Sales 26 Things You Must Do To Continually Grow Your Business Increase Your Site Traffic (SEO) 6 Things Entrepreneurs Are Doing Wrong Website Security And PCI Compliance How A POS System Security Scan Can Protect Merchants From Target-Style Security Breach Importance Of PCI Compliance […]

The Everything Guide To eCommerce Marketing And Increasing Sales

Friends of mine are often surprised when I tell them they need social media for their small business, or to promote themselves as the artsy types they are. They’re surprised because the game only recently changed, and people who don’t work in online marketing, like yours truly, are often totally blind to it. Publishing houses […]

5 Tips for Better Customer Relationships

Having a solid relationship with your team, customers, and partners is an integral part of having a solid business community. One of the best ways to to ensure these connections is to be open to constructive criticism. Here are some great tips on how feedback can make your business relationships better: Bravery will be beneficial when you’re […]

Keys to Creating Epic ECommerce Experience

Interactive online experiences are the basis for successful eCommerce. Not only are people shopping from their desktops and laptops, but they are shopping from their phones and tablets as well. It’s become a competitive environment. Businesses must make savvy choices to create online shopping experiences that maintain their customers’ interest while meeting their own company […]

Why You Should Get Rid Of Email

Email is usually the cornerstone of business communication. When it first came out it made things possible that were never possible before: Fast long distance communication, instant file sharing, instant text exchange, and all of the things that made companies faster, more efficient. It was great. But that was then. The problem with email is […]

Take Care of Your Customers and They Will Take Care of You

No one wants to feel like they are making a purchase from a company that does not care about their needs. Customers want to feel like their point of view is valued and that the business they are purchasing from is respecting their interests. I buy all of my outdoor equipment from tents to rock […]

7 Tips to Make Your Mobile Site Amazing

As mentioned in the previous post ( one of the key elements to simple online shopping is making sure that your company’s website is compatible with mobile phones. So, what exactly does this mean? And, why should you care? Here are some quick tips on how to make your website a breeze for your customers. […]

Make Online Shopping Easy for Your Customers

Your customers are more likely to purchase from your site if you make sure your website is quick and easy to use. Follow these tips to keep your customers happy: Mobile Commerce is important! Making sure your company’s information is easily accessible on mobile devices can make a huge impact on your sales. “Purchases made using […]

Five Ways to Reach New Customers

Building your clientele base is an important part if making sure your business will grow. Repeat customers are important and you should continue to maintain good relationships with your existing customers. But, it is also necessary to gain new clientele. These are some quick and easy ways you can ensure that you are reaching more […]

9 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

A landing page is a place where you send traffic and then you ask the visitors to take some kind of action. It can be a sales page, or an email opt-in page, for example. You can use content, video, or a Fiverr infographic of a man in a bunny costume. Yes, for some reason that’s […]

6 Key Security Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

If you’re a business owner trying to make sure your website is safe, secure and trustworthy to customers, navigating your way through the dizzying array of cyber security-related can be confusing, frustrating and just plain boring. We’ve put together this in-a-nutshell guide to make it as painless and simple for you to understand some key […]

2014 Was Just The Beginning Of A Decade Of Data Breach

It seems that writers were a little quick to name 2014, “The Year Of The Data Breach,” as if were the only stand alone year in digital chaos. This is our world now. Our entire lives are online so naturally the criminals are too. We didn’t peak in 2014: This is the decade of data […]