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Grow Your Business: The Everything Guide To eCommerce Marketing And Increasing Sales 26 Things You Must Do To Continually Grow Your Business Increase Your Site Traffic (SEO) 6 Things Entrepreneurs Are Doing Wrong Website Security And PCI Compliance How A POS System Security Scan Can Protect Merchants From Target-Style Security Breach Importance Of PCI Compliance […]

The Everything Guide To eCommerce Marketing And Increasing Sales

Friends of mine are often surprised when I tell them they need social media for their small business, or to promote themselves as the artsy types they are. They’re surprised because the game only recently changed, and people who don’t work in online marketing, like yours truly, are often totally blind to it. Publishing houses […]


Utah: Build Trust. Increase Sales. Win Win.

In business, trust is the fruit of your company’s loins. And everyone wants his or her business to produce abundantly and carry on the family name, right? But seriously, trust is imperative to your business’ success. Just as in any relationship, the lack of it creates confusion, accusations, uneasiness and stress; none of which can […]

Privacy Policy. You Need One. Here’s Why.

Ok, so you know that trust is imperative to your business’ success, that’s nothing new. In the age of smart phones and computer screens, it’s most likely that a prospective customer’s first experience with you will be through your website. Heck, most, if not all, of your business might be done through a screen. You […]

COPPA: Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), is a US federal law that you’ve probably heard of if you have an ecommerce business. Now, it’s important you know a bit about such laws and third-party initiatives so you understand them and can market the fact that your business not only complies with them, but is also […]

Prove You’re Not Just a Random Website

We’ve all done a Google search, clicked on a link, had a random website pop up, and quickly left. By using common sense and looking for a few key markers we are able to quickly spot a less than credible website. Bounce rates essentially track how many people visit a website, see a single page, […]

How Your Customers Can Make You Loads of Money

Social media has a way of spreading information like wildfire. Scanning through Facebook one day, I came across this video The video is ludicrous and uses hilarious bathroom humor. It promises to mask any unwanted bathroom odors. At first, I was sure it was a joke, even though the video confirms it is a […]

7 Ways To Increase Traffic For Cyber Monday Illustrated With Cute Animals

So, you have a great website, great products, and some great discounts for Cyber Monday! Awesome. But, if no one visits your wonderful website, no one will know just how fabulous your discounts are. So how do you get traffic on your page? The most successful websites have mastered the art of keeping a constant […]

10 Ways To Prepare Your Business For Cyber Monday

The holidays are here, the stores are filled with jingles and jangles, and Cyber Monday is just around the corner. Is your business ready to maximize your holiday earning potential? This year sales for cyber week are projected to increase 14%-18%, hitting an estimated 9 billion in sales on Cyber Monday alone and an estimated […]

How to shop safely online this holiday season

Battle crowded stores and packed parking lots this holiday season or shop from the cozy confines of your sofa? Chances are you’ll choose the latter to score at least some of your holiday goodies. More than half of all shoppers surveyed by the National Retail Federation said they planned to do at least part of […]

Avoid Black Friday Catastrophe with Tips From These Resources

Black Friday, the biggest shopping event of the year, is just weeks away. Holiday sales have traditionally accounted for up to 40 percent of a store’s annual sales, according to a recent article from ABC News. This means big business for stores, but also a potential landmine of holiday mishaps for unprepared companies. Here are […]